Types of BMX Bikes – [Everything Explained!]

BMX bikes are off-road bicycles used for various kinds of sports and stunt purposes. The term BMX stands for bicycle motocross. In the world of stunt, freestyle, and bike tricks BMX bikes are the king.

BMX bikes made their mark and started this popular journey in the early 1970s. And up to this day, various BMX bikes are used to uphold the reputation of the stunt sports industry.

The BMX bikes are capable of carrying large weights on their small frame. They are also designed to overcome difficult terrains, which makes them the number one choice for freestyle bikers. These are the traits that separate a BMX bike from your everyday Road bike or Mountain bike.

The BMX bikes have a small structural frame with comparatively thick tires. The lightweight small frame helps with the manoeuvring of the bike, and the tires obviously help with the traction.

Regardless of the BMX bikes being a class of their own, there are different types of BMX bikes out there. In this article, we are going to go through all of them, so you have a greater understanding of them. So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Choosing the Right Types of BMX Bikes

Whether you are looking for a BMX bike to do professional-level stunts or just want to get started on the BMX world, finding the right variety is crucial.

But before you plan on investing money to get a good quality BMX bike, you should figure out what traits are you looking for in your new bike. Depending on your need there are multiple BMX bikes available on the market.

Here are some common traits you might be looking for,

  • Racing capability
  • Ability to run on dirt roads or street roads
  • Lightweight frame construction
  • Acrobatic stunts and tricks.
  • Riding ramps

so after you figure out what you want from your BMX life will be is easier for you to choose a suitable variety.

The BMX Trio

The term “BMX” is much more generalized than it should be. It is critical for you to know that there are three different variations of bikes that are generalized as the BMX bikes. They are,

2018 Polygon Trio SS Dirt Jump Series - Walkaround - 2017 Eurobike ...
  • The True BMX Bike
  • Dirt jump Bike
  • Flatland Bike

These are the main basic categorization of BMX bikes. But depending on a number of variables, the BMX bikes are categorized into a various different category. Let’s go through all of them and give you a glimpse of the BMX world.

The True BMX Bike

The true BMX bike, also known as the BMX racing bike is the original and one of the most popular varieties. This racing BMX bike is used to race on various BMX tracks. The tracks are full of jumps, short turns, dirt terrains, etc.

Just like any other racing bike, the true BMX bikes are extremely lightweight. This design features great control over manoeuvrability. It also provides good stability to take a sharp turn at high speed without losing control. These features make this racing bike one of a kind.

Easy Ride on a True BMX Track - YouTube

They are designed around motorcycles used for dirt racing. The tires of the bike are thin enough to reduce friction loss and help to reach a high velocity. But they are also thick enough to provide enough traction so the racer doesn’t lose control.

The wheel frame is 20 inches on a true BMX racing bike. The frame is designed to place the user in a higher position. This enables the racer to have better handling of the bicycle and provides a significantly greater vision.

Although they are designed for racing purposes, the versatility they provide is enough to take them out for casual rides also.

The Dirt Jump Bike

The dirt jump bikes also are known as jump bikes. They are a 20-inch bike, made for heavy-duty performance on rough riding. They are usually very sturdy and strong. The frame is usually made up of steel and can endure a lot of grinding.

The downside of that is a comparatively heavier bike. Although some of the expensive models today are making lightweight variants of jump bikes. For usual users, the jump bike will be on the heavier side.

Building My Dream Dirt Jump Bike | SCOTT Voltage - YouTube

This dirt jump BMX bicycle is designed in such a way that it withstands the high frequency of jumps very easily. These BMX bikes are perfect for freestyle, riding on jumpy terrains, doing high jump stunts, and achieving great air time altogether.

If you are on the look for a freestyle bicycle that can achieve high air time on jumps, this is the perfect choice for you.

Flatland Bikes

Flatland BMX bikes are the complete opposite of any other freestyle BMX riders. Instead of achieving great velocity and air, it focuses more on the pavement experience. You will not ride this on tough terrains. Rather you will ride this on a flat surface and do the extreme manoeuvrability stunts.

Bike check bmx flatland street bike Sunday Radocaster! Oh yeah 10 ...

Flatland bikes are very popular for indoor stunt riders. As achieving tremendous acceleration is not the key to indoor rides, riders will ride the flatland BMX bikes at a very slow speed. It is designed to perform various turns, jumps, spins, and tricks on a flat surface.

Depending on the preference of the user, they can get various kinds of brakes, frame sizes, and designs on flatland bikes. The typical flat land bikes are much larger than the average freestyle bikes. The long seat post allows the rider to have greater control over its performance. With inflated and smooth tires, flat land bikes are the perfect choice for isolated uses.

Final Thoughts

With various choices comes large complications. We hope that with the aid of this article you will have a greater understanding of the types of BMX bikes.

And know what difference they have from one another that makes every design unique. Now that you know all about the different varieties, find the one that suits your needs, and get riding (Click here if you are a heavy rider).

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