Pit Bike vs Dirt Bike – [Illustrated Differences!] Know About The Reality

Pit Bike vs Dirt Bike– First Things First, you might want to know what a pit bike is and what a Dirt Bike is! A pit bike is way smaller and lighter than a dirt bike. Pit bikes are low tech, pit racing and pit riding motorcycles typically used by youngsters.

In contrast, Dirt bikes are built to be used on the streets.

Dirt bikes are not that easy to run. They require more experience than Pit Bikes. They are also manufactured with different types of engines. That’s why their performance varies.

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Now let’s dive deep into pit and dirt bikes and what you can expect from them.

Difference Between Pit Bike And Dirt Bike

You will be overwhelmed when you get to know about the motorbike community. At the same time, you will be pleased to know about the number of specific styles and categories available. The sheer number of variations and models that are available may seem daunting.

Let’s delve through the distinctions between dirt bikes and pit bikes so that you have a clear view of these bikes.

For the price, pit bicycles don’t even compete with dirt bikes, and a novice who wants to feel the rush to drive on gas-driven two-wheeled vehicles, then you will find pit bikes more accessible, more convenient to operate, and crash than dirt bikes.

Relatively pit bikes are a bit less efficient in comparison to dirt bikes. Dirt bikes are used off-road, at a higher velocity restriction, but pit bikes require very minimum maintenance cost and lower purchasing and repairing price range.

Overall, the scale of the turbine and the actual output are much lower. Pit bikes can be very loud, too. Pit Bike motors have a wide range of variations such as 125cc, 140cc, 160cc, 190cc & so on.

So far, when concerned about bikers, dirt bikes are the better option. But here is the thing, dirt bikes cannot be run in a limited space. They require a large area or wide-open place, such as a highway. It would help if you did not ride on skate parks or go-cart tracks in other cases.

Dirt bikes are those motorbikes that can be run on rugged terrain, including uneven roads or trails. Mainly it can be used in routine as well. After you get the hang of driving a dirt bike, it will be pretty easy to handle but make sure that you learn it properly before actually riding one.

Dirt bikes include special tires, a rugged frame, and rigid suspension to go through rough, hilly terrain in all types of weather. These bikes are preferable for racing events, but the velocity depends on the engine range. Dirt bikes also have a tremendous engine capacity range, such as Honda, Daytona, Zongshen z125/155, Lifan 125, etc.

As you already have an idea of both bikes. Let’s dive into the details.

Pit Bike Vs Dirt Bike Difference In Video

Difference Between Parts- Pit Bikes VS Dirt Bikes

There are so many different motorcycles on the market that it can be challenging for people to decide which one to buy for their outdoor activities. While dirt bikes are familiar, their smaller cousins, the pit bikes, have a significant rise in sales. (Want to know more about Pit Bikes?)

In the beginning, pit bikes were only meant to move around in the pits (garages), but they have since been changed to make them more like normal-sized dirt bikes.

Dirt bikes are better for off-road trails, and they can go faster than pit bikes. Below, we’ll talk about the differences between these two types of motorcycles even more.


Pit bikes usually have four-stroke engines, and they are typically found in the 50-1400cc range, but they can also be found in other sizes. If you look at a pit bike, it’s easy to wonder why it has a four-stroke engine. Pit bikes don’t go over 250cc.

A 4-stroke motor works: It takes four-piston moves to complete the engine cycle. There is a lot of power in every stroke, and the output is steady and predictable.

This means that a bike for kids and teenagers should have some power to turn on and off. As a result, pit bikes are also easier to use because they have a smoother power range.

They can be two-stroke or four-stroke. In two-stroke engines, the piston moves two times during each engine cycle. These bikes have a high rate of acceleration that is great for riding on the track, but they are hard to control.

On the other hand, four-stroke dirt bikes can go faster than two-stroke bikes. They’re better for racing and riding on the street.

When you choose between two-stroke and four-stroke dirt bikes, you decide whether you want a quick start or a high top speed.

Powerful four-stroke engines are used in dirt bikes. Pit bikes have machines with two strokes. Four-stroke dirt bikes are usually between 300 and 400cc, but some can even be as big as 750cc.

Body Shape

Pit bikes have smaller frames, and it is this lightweight; the compact body allows them to manoeuvre through confined pit courses. Pit bikes are also low, which disqualifies them in most off-road trails.

It would help if you had a big bike to clear any obstacles on the way, which makes dirt bikes ideal for off-road riding. If you take a pit bike on a track meant for dirt bikes, you will only damage the mechanics of the model and put yourself in harm’s way.

You can, however, use a pit bike on a clear and plain trail. The smaller frames of pit bikes make them ideal for children and teenagers or short adults.

Dirt bikes are more significant than pit bikes, but they are more challenging to store and move as a result. They are safer to take on dirt roads because they have a more oversized frame to clear obstacles.

Dirt bikes are not designed to tackle narrow courses, hence their regular-sized bodies. Dirt bikes also come in a range of sizes to accommodate the various heights of riders.


The tires on dirt and pit bikes are made for the types of terrains that these bikes are used on.

Dirt bikes are usually used to go on off-road trails and the roads of the street. Their tires have a lot of bumps on them, which makes them able to go over many different types of terrain, from mountain tracks to city streets. The tires keep the engine above the ground and make the bike faster.

The tires on dirt bikes are cushioned by a rubber surface that helps them keep their grip on rocky ground. People who ride dirt bikes can quickly go through sand, mud, and dirt.

There are usually 18-inch tires on dirt bikes than 12-14 inches on pit bikes, so they’re a lot bigger than on pit bikes. Most pit bikes have front tires that are 14 inches wide and rear tires that are 12 inches wide.

These tires go well with the bikes because they have smaller bodies. They are better for smooth trails and clear tracks.


Suspension systems connect the bike’s wheels to its main frame. It has shock absorbers that protect riders from bumpy rides.

It doesn’t make sense for pit bikes to have the more advanced suspension that dirt bikes have, but they do.

There are no bumps on off-road tracks, so these bikes can get away with having less suspension. On the other hand, Dirt bikes need to keep their wheels on the ground and require a better break.

If you buy a dirt bike, the suspension system will be different from one to another. There are good long-travel suspensions on Motocross dirt bikes, for example, so that they can handle high jumps and speed at the top of their game!


Dirt bikes have more power and speed than pit bikes. Most pit bikes are between 50cc and 150cc. Dirt bikes don’t go below 125cc. 750cc engine power isn’t the only thing that dirt bikes can do.

The smaller size and weight of pit bikes also means that they don’t have as much power. A pit bike would be less potent than a dirt bike, even if they both had the same-sized engines.

There are usually 15 to 25 miles per hour on short trails with 50cc pit bikes in low gears. During long stretches, the bike can reach 50 mph, which is what it can do. 140cc and 160cc pit bikes can reach speeds of 70 to 75 mph.

You can make simple changes to pit bikes to go faster, but this won’t affect how well they can go at low speeds. To do this, you would need to change the 14-tooth drive gear to one with 15 teeth.

Even though you can also change the rear sprocket to a 32-tooth sprocket to get faster, you’ll lose some low-end torque.

Dirt bikes can go very fast, so they are used in racing. 50cc dirt bikes can go from 25 to 40 mph. 400cc dirt bikes can go up to 87 mph, but they’re best for people who know how to ride.


Due to their slow speed, pit bikes are safer because they are usually only used on smooth roads. Pit bike racing is also done in controlled areas, while dirt bikes are often used for fun and adventure.

People who ride dirt bikes are more likely to get hurt than people who ride pit bikes. Pit bikes are suitable for kids, teenagers, and people just starting to ride. On the other hand, Dirt bikes require more skill because of the risks.


All bikes make noise, but two-stroke bikes make more noise than their four-stroke counterparts. Dirt bikes make a lot of noise because they have high RPMs and short mufflers.

You can expect to make noises that will bother your neighbours, no matter which model you are riding.


It costs less for pit bikes to buy than it does to buy dirt bikes at the start. There are used pit bikes for $200, and new ones rarely cost more than $1200.

They can cost a lot or a little because there are so many different brands. Prices for good models run from $2,000 to $5,000, but they’re not cheap. Some dirt bikes can even cost $10,000 to buy.

Pit and dirt bikes also have different maintenance and repair costs. Dirt bikes are a lot of money, and you’ll need to do a lot of work to keep them in good shape.

The parts of dirt bikes are also more expensive because they are more advanced than the parts on pit bikes, which are less developed. In this example, a set of radiators can cost you around $200.

Four-stroke dirt bikes are usually easier to keep up with than two-stroke models, but this isn’t always true. In a four-stroke engine, all the parts move simultaneously, so there will be more parts to fix than in a two-stroke engine.

Because there are so many parts in a four-stroke pit bike, it can be very costly to fix. If you keep your model on clear trails and do the things that need to be done, it should be easy to keep it in good shape.

Which One Should You Pick, Pit Bike Or Dirt Bike?

As I have already mentioned, these two kinds of bikes have their perks. If you are a newbie, go for a pit bike. But if you are a pro, you can go for the dirt bike. Do whatever floats your boat.

Pit Bikes

  • Easy to get hang of. You can rely on this
  • bike off or on road
  • bikes can run anywhere since it’s small in size
  • Very comfortable & fun to drive. It can be run in your yard
  • No license required to drive this
  • It has a big range of engine capacity
  • It cannot be run on highways
  • Too fragile, can break anytime
  • Shorter in size means it is very close to the ground
  • The speed of these bikes cannot go over 50 mph

Dirt Bikes

  • These bikes are very stout
  • It can be used for motorbike racing
  • Much better speed
  • These bikes can be ridden for a long time
  • These bikes are quite affordable
  • Requires a spacious area to be stored
  • It can get quite deadly if you lose balance
  • It’s not for beginners. Requires experience

FAQ On Pit Bike Vs Dirt Bike

what are pit bikes?

Pit bikes and dirt bikes are both types of motorcycles. They have a lot of the same parts, but pit bikes are smaller and designed for different kinds of rides.
When pit bikes were first made, they were meant to be used in the pits of a motocross race. Because they are small, easy to keep up, and cheap, they are becoming more and more popular. Today, pit bike racing is a popular sport, just like Motocross. More and more pit bikes are on the market, made for racing.
Pit bikes and pit bike racing are a big hit with teenagers and older kids. Adult riders enjoy pit bikes, and some of them even prefer them to full-size dirt bikes. Most people still think of pit bikes as the “training wheels” of dirt biking, even though there are a lot of adults who enjoy them.

Which One is the Best Deal?

As the article states, a pit bike is more of a compact bike that disposes and runs pit races and is mainly used by youngsters. On the other side, dirt bikes are constructed to be used on roads and not so seamless surfaces.
The best dirt bike prices range from 8k to 9k USD. You can find them at lower prices if you are okay with buying second hand. Their high cost is due to their speed and durability. So, if you are planning on off-road racing or just for transportation, you can go with dirt bikes.
On the other hand, semi range from $400 to $900 established by Pit bikers, and their attention began shifting to the KLX110. The sport’s success has contributed to the introduction of several pit bike racing series around the world. So, if you are specifically into pit bike racing, this would be perfect for you.

Are they safe to ride?

Well! Safety depends on your experience as a rider and your willingness to follow bike riding rules. If you know every nook and cranny of your bike, you are good to go. It doesn’t matter if you are riding a pit bike or a dirt bike. Proper practice and experience are all that matter.

Why do they call it a pit bike?

It is thought that they came from the bikes used by racing staff to drive around the pit areas of an MX racing track. They are called pit bikes for this reason. This was the most popular bike for this job because it was small, cheap, and easy to use. So, they were called “Pit Bikes.”

Is pit bike illegal?

Actual pit bikes can’t be used on the street from the factory. Thumpstar and SSR make modern pit bikes that you might want to ride on the road at some point. It would be best if you did this legally.

Which pit bikes are best?

#1 Coleman Powersports Mini Trail Bike is the number one mini trail bike.
#2 A second Apollo 125cc dirt bike is called the Apollo DB-X18.
#3 In number three, we have the DB14 Tao Dirt Bike.
#4 is the Razor MX650 Electric Pit Bike, which is very cool.
#5 DB17 D125cc Pit Bike is number five.

Do pit bikes have a clutch?

It looks like only the xr80/100s and the klx110L are name brand pit bikes with clutches. Some of these guns, like the klx 110s and the CRF 70 and 110, appear semiautomatic.

Is a KLX 110 a pit bike?

You can tell this bike is a little different because of the letter “L.” It has a taller 28.7-inch seat height, more extended suspension travel, more ground clearance, and a four-speed transmission with a manual clutch.

What is the best 140cc pit bike?

10TEN’s 140R 17/14 is one of the best stock 140 dirt/pit bikes on the market right now. It has a 140cc engine that gives it unmatched torque and power. We think it’s one of the best bikes in its class.

Do you need a license to drive a dirt bike in California?

The answer is no, and you don’t need one to ride a dirt bike in California. If you want to ride a dirt bike on the street in California, you need a Class M license. It’s easy to get a permit if you’re over 18: People have to pass a written and vision test, and then they have to pass a driving test.

What size dirt bike does a 15-year-old need?

15 to 17-year-olds need what kind of dirt bike. Still, the 150cc dirt bike is good. If your teen is more extensive and more experienced, they could easily ride a 200cc dirt bike or even a full-sized adult motorcycle, which is already a full-size bike.

What is the cheapest dirt bike brand?

This is the best dirt bike for the money
After the Apollo Original Dirt Bike, this is the second-place winner. This is the Apollo AGB-37. This is the Lifan X-Pet EFI Motorcycle Bike. This is a Kawasaki KLX 110, the Kawasaki KLX 110 F.

Final Words On Pit Bike Vs Dirt Bike

So, in short, pit bike vs dirt bike, which one’s better? And the answer is none. They both have their uses and the preferred size. Your preference is the only thing that matters. I hope this article helped you out. I’ve tried my best to explain their uses, pros, and cons. Now, it’s up to you to determine which one is the best for you.

Dirt and pit bikes have both good and bad things about them. It all comes down to what you need.

Dirt bikes are better if you want to ride off-road. Pit bikes can’t be used in the same way as their bigger cousins, so you’ll only be able to depend on smooth and flat trails.

Dirt bikes indeed let you ride through mountainous and desert areas, but you can also go on long trips. These cars have the speed and power to drive through rough terrain.

It may be easier for you to learn how to ride a dirt bike on a pit bike than on a dirt bike.

A pit bike is like a dirt bike, so the skills you learn on one can be used on a bigger bike. Pit bikes are also suitable for kids and teenagers because they are safer.

Another important thing is how easy it is to join a riding group. Dirt bikes are thought to be more challenging and are more popular with adults. You are more likely to find a community of dirt bikers near you than a group of people who race pit cars.

Pit bikes are like “training wheels in most people’s minds.” They are used by young people all the time. On the other hand, pit bikes are more laid-back than dirt bikes, getting very competitive and intense.

It can’t be used as a dirt bike or a pit bike. The model you get should be able to meet your needs. This is what you should look for.

Thanks for stopping by. And, good luck!