Pit Bike vs Dirt Bike – [Illustrated Differences!]

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First things first, you might want to know what a Pit Bike is and what a Dirt Bike is! A pit bike is way smaller and lighter than a dirt bike. Pit bikes are low tech, pit racing and pit riding motorcycles that are typically used by youngsters.

In contrast, Dirt bikes are though they are built to be used on the streets.

Dirt bikes are not that easy to run. They require more experience than Pit Bikes. They are also manufactured with different types of engines. That’s why their performance varies.

Now let’s dive deep into pit bike vs dirt bike and what you can expect from them.

What Are The Differences Between Pit Bike vs Dirt Bike?

You will be overwhelmed when you get to know about the motorbike community. At the same time, you will be pleased to know about the number of specific styles and categories that are available out there. The sheer number of variations and models that are available may seem daunting.

Let’s delve through the distinctions between dirt bikes and pit bikes so that you have a clear view of these bikes.

For the price, pit bicycles don’t even compete with dirt bikes and a novice who wants to feel the rush to drive on gas-driven two-wheeled vehicles then you will find pit bikes more accessible, more convenient to drive, and crash than dirt bikes.

Relatively pit bikes are a bit less efficient in comparison to dirt bikes. Dirt bikes are used off-road, at a higher velocity restriction, but pit bikes require very minimum maintenance cost as well as lower purchasing and repairing price range.

All in all, the scale of the turbine and the real output are much lower. Pit bikes can be very loud, too. Pit Bike motors have a wide range of variations such as 125cc, 140cc, 160cc, 190cc & so on.

So far when the concern comes to bikers, dirt bikes are the better option. But here is the thing, dirt bikes cannot be run in a limited space. They require a large area or wide-open place Such as a highway. In other cases, you should not ride on skate parks or go-cart tracks.

Basically, dirt bikes are those motorbikes that can be run on rugged terrain, including uneven roads or trails. Particularly it can be used in routine as well. After you get the hang of driving a dirt bike it is going to be pretty easy to handle but make sure that you learn it properly before actually riding one.

Dirt bikes include special tires, a rugged frame, and rigid suspension to go through rough, hilly terrain in all types of weather. These bikes are mostly preferable for racing events but the velocity depends on the engine range. Dirt bikes also have a huge amount of engine capacity range such as Honda, Daytona, Zongshen z125/155, Lifan 125, etc.

As you already have an idea of both bikes. Let’s dive into the details.

Which One Should You Pick?

As I have already mentioned, these two kinds of bikes have their own individual perks. If you are a newbie, go for a pit bike. But if you are a pro then you can go for the dirt bike. Do whatever floats your boat.

Pit Bikes

  • Easy to get hang of. You can rely on this bike off or on road.
  • Pit bikes can run anywhere since it’s small in size.
  • Very comfortable & fun to drive. It can be run in your yard.
  • No license required to drive this.
  • It has a big range of engine capacity.
  • It cannot be run on highways.
  • Too fragile, can break anytime.
  • Shorter in size means it is very close to the ground.
  • The speed of these bikes cannot go over 50 mph.

Dirt Bikes

  • These bikes are very stout.
  • It can be used for motorbike racing.
  • Much better speed.
  • These bikes can be ridden for a long time.
  • These bikes are quite affordable.
  • Requires a spacious area to be stored.
  • It can get quite deadly if you lose balance.
  • It’s not for beginners. Requires experience.

Which One is the Best Deal?

As the article states a pit bike is more of a compact bike that disposes and runs pit races and is mostly used by youngsters. Just on the other side, dirt bikes are constructed to be used on roads and not so seamless surfaces.

The best dirt bike prices range from 8k to 9k USD. You can find them at cheaper prices if you are okay with buying second hand. Their high price is due to their speed and durability. So, if you are planning on off-road racing or just for transportation then you can go with dirt bikes.

On the other hand, semi-automatic pit bikes range from $400 to $900 established by Pit bikers, and their attention began shifting to the KLX110. The success of the sport has contributed to the introduction of several pit bike racing series around the world. So, if you are specifically into pit bike racing then this would be perfect for you.

Are they safe to ride?

Well! Safety depends on your experience as a rider and your willingness to follow the rules of bike riding. If you know every nook and cranny of your bike, you are good to go. It doesn’t really matter if you are riding a pit bike or a dirt bike. Proper practice and experience are all that matters.

Final Words

So, in short, pit bike vs dirt bike, which one’s better? And the answer is, none. They both have their uses and the preferred size. Your preference is the only thing that matters. I hope this article helped you out. I’ve tried my best to explain their uses, pros, and cons. Now, it’s up to you to determine which one is the best for you.

Thanks for stopping by. And, good luck!