How to Make Your BMX Bike Faster? – [7 Tips Shared!]

The relationship between the rider and his BMX bike is a companion. And as a rider, if you are looking for ways to make your long-term companion faster than it used to be, you have come to the right place. No matter if you use it a freestyle bike or a Road bike or you use it for BMX racing, making it faster is essential.

Many people think as a BMX rider that you have to spend a big amount of money to make your BMX bike fast as like a mountain bike. But you should know that it is a myth. While spending a lot of money on high-end parts may improve the velocity such as a wider tire, there are other simple ways to make your ride faster. And it is free.

If you use a freestyle BMX bike as a race bike then obviously your wheel size will matter a lot. Also, your BMX frame is needed to be low weight for comfortable BMX riding. If you want to do a bunny hop with your BMX racer then absolutely speed will matter. You can use clipless pedals and sealed bearings for a better speed with a BMX rim.

So without further ado, let’s go through the tips and tricks on how to make your BMX Bike faster.

How to make your BMX bike faster for free

BMX serves as a great tool for riding. And the velocity and speed it provides are also impressive. But with long uses, they tend to get slower. Even if that’s not the case, you can still follow the instructions given below for getting better performance out of your bike.

  • Cleaning the bike
  • Proper adjustment of breaks
  • Maintaining a good tire pressure
  • Lubrication of the chains
  • Maintaining proper saddle height
  • Dropping the front section of the bike
  • Adjustment of gears

 Cleaning the bike

The worst mistake a bike rider can do is not having a clean bike in his arsenal. Having a clean bike not only increases the aesthetic pleasure by looking at it but also improves the performance. Getting rid of mud, snow, dust, or debris from the bike saves your ride from friction losses. Which will eventually result in a faster bicycle?

The tip is here to maintain a full-on routine. After every ride, make sure to wipe all the parts of your bike. And on days after a very long ride or on weekends try to give your bike a thorough clean. The cleaner your bike is, the easier it will be for you to maintain a high speed and good performance in the long run. And as a bonus, you will recoup tons of money by keeping it clean. Because a clean bike doesn’t need replacement parts often.

Proper adjustment of breaks

It may come off as a surprise. Because having a good break to stop quickly might seem contradictory to make your ride faster. But with a properly adjusted set of breaks, you can easily turn corners and slopes. And you will be able to regain more velocity after the turn, which will eventually result in a higher mean velocity.

On the other hand, if the breaks are not adjusted properly and touch your rims often, it will cause friction loss and inevitably slow your bike down. So if you are thinking about how to make your BMX bike faster, this is surely the way to go.

Maintaining a good tire pressure

This is a very common tip but most of us forget to take this into account while looking for ways to make your BMX bike faster. Properly adjusting tire pressure is arguably the easiest task to do on this list. Yet it is one of the most effective.

If you have low tire pressure, it will build opposition to your paddling force. So you will have to put more pressure to keep a moderate speed.

Again, extreme tire pressure will not result in high speed also. You have the find the right margin of tire pressure to ride your BMX bike to its fullest potential.

Lubrication of the chains

To gain top speed, you will need to make your bike run as smoothly as possible. And the best way to do that is by lubricating your chain regularly. If your chain is well lubed, you will get much greater efficiency at driving torque. That means you will lose less power for inefficiency and will be able to go at a greater pace with little effort.

Keep in mind that, more oil doesn’t mean better lubrication. Make sure to lubricate slowly and lubricate all the way to the inside while revolving the crankshaft.

Maintaining proper saddle height

Every veteran cyclist has the perfect height that they adjust to on every BMX bike they ride. Having the perfect saddle height will make you able to put the maximum force into the paddle with the lowest effort.

As a general rule, it is advised to keep your saddle height 10 centimeters lower than your inseam. But do make sure that you can reach your paddle properly.

Dropping the front section of the bike

It is a scientifically proven fact that having the right angle of acceleration will help in attaining greater speed. Not only the build but also the aerodynamics of the design help a lot in speed gain. Lowering the front end of the bikes improves the aerodynamics of the overall BMX bike.

The gain achieved by dropping the front end is vital when it comes to efficiency control. However, you should be careful while lowering. Because even though the sudden change maybe drastically enhance the speed, it will be difficult to control.

Adjustments of gears

Any BMX bike with badly regulated gear will lose power delivery on the paddle. Hence, slowing your speed down in the long run. Gear adjustment is a tricky task. And it is time-consuming also. So in case, you don’t have the extra time to do it yourself, you easily take an expert for a check-up. The cost for proper gear adjustment is very low and worth every penny.

An advanced way to make your bike faster

If you want to participate in a BMX race on a BMX track with a BMX bike then you will absolutely need to spend some bucks on your BMX racing bike. You can change the rear brake and the knobby tires for better handling. If you are a freestyle rider and using an adult BMX bike with a proper riding position then absolutely you will get a better momentum for yourself. You can also change your flat tire to a narrower tire. The handlebar should be very steady or otherwise, you will not get a good handling experience. Your BMX bike frame should be very thin. You can use BMX racing bikes for the best experience of speed.

To conclude

So the next time you are worried about how to make your BMX bike faster, make sure to follow all these tips. And you are sure to see significant improvement in your bike speed. And all the procedures are easy and almost free of cost.

As a cyclist, making sure your bike is in top-notch shape for maximum velocity gain is crucial. So without any more pause get to work and grind the BMX bike to the fullest.

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