How to Make Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Deeper? – [Explained!]

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While its main purpose is to help exhaust fumes exit a vehicle, there is more to an exhaust system than just that.

The exhaust sound of a vehicle, for example, is not only an indicator of the health of its engine, but it also adds personality to your vehicle.

Especially on two-wheelers such as motorcycles, a bit of minor modification can do a lot to add to the look and feel of your bike.

As such, the article below will attempt to teach you how to make motorcycle exhaust sound deeper.

Let’s begin.

Why a Deeper Sound?

Your motorcycle’s exhaust system is one of the hardest-working parts of your vehicle. It has the crucial function of directing the motorcycle’s harmful fumes away from the rider and passenger.

The exhaust system also does heaps to make the engine perform better, but that is a story for another day.

And the sound level of the exhaust system is something that most people will want to customize, depending on what kind of person they are.

You might find that a lot of people look to make their motorcycle’s exhaust sound quieter. Perhaps to save their hearing abilities, or to not draw public attention to themselves, or both.

However, there are other motorcycle enthusiasts to whom the sound of the exhaust system holds significance, and they may want to make it sound louder or deeper.

As already mentioned, this modification of sound is something that adds character to the motorcycle as a whole and makes for a more pleasant riding experience for the motorcyclist.

Ways of Achieving a Deeper Exhaust Sound

Although you could get lucky, the chances are that the default sound of your exhaust system will not be to your liking.

This is because the manufacturer will have the limitation of catering to a large market, and will have to choose a ‘safer’ product in order for it to sell to the largest demographic.

This is where your do-it-yourself skills will come in handy, to customize your motorcycle to get your desired exhaust sound.

Removing the Muffler

The easiest method of making your motorcycle’s exhaust sound deeper is also the simplest method. Simply detach the muffler that the motorcycle originally came with.

This might not necessarily give you a large variance of how the exhaust sounds, but it will always be a good starting point.

Even if you do not like the sound after the removal of the muffler, at least you will know what you are not looking for after a modification.

Not only removal, but you can also buy a second-hand or new muffler online or in-store and attach that to your motorcycle to see if you get your desired deep exhaust sound. More details on this method are given below.

Taking off the Muffler Cap and Trimming down the Pipe

This is usually the go-to method to modify one’s motorcycle to get a deeper exhaust sound.

Firstly, unscrew the cap off of your exhaust pipe’s muffler (also known as a baffle, slip-on, or bolt system). Make sure you have the right screwdriver for the job.

Once that is done, it is time to break out your angle grinder (with a metal cutting disc attached) and begin cutting where the pipe is attached to the muffler.

Be sure to have your hands protected during this step.

Next, attach a cutting disc that is small enough to fit inside the exhaust pipe. The goal is to cut about two inches inside the pipe.

You should be careful to do as even a job as possible since you can’t really see inside the pipe. Afterward, you will need to use a pair of pliers to pull out the bit of the pipe you just detached.

Rev up your motorcycle to hear your new, deeper sounding exhaust.

Replacing the Original Muffler

Another go-to method to customize the exhaust sound of a motorcycle, replacing mufflers, is a relatively easy task to do. It is easier than cutting exhaust pipes, or at least, many would argue.

There are tons of aftermarket mufflers available on the market, of course. Though, before you buy, be sure to look at reviews online as well as get advice and opinions from local motorcyclists.

In the case of mufflers, the deeper exhaust sound comes from chambered mufflers as opposed to unchambered ones.

Replacing the Aftermarket Exhaust System

This method is perhaps the most complicated of all the ones in this list, but it can also be the most rewarding.

Replacing your exhaust system will also make way for easier modifications of other parts of your vehicle, such as camshaft changes, carb replacements, etc.

Hence, this is more of a commitment than replacing a slip-on muffler. More research on your end is required before you commit to this change to your vehicle. If done incorrectly, it can be the doom of your motorcycle.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Remember that not every member of the public enjoys the rumbling of a motorcycle as you do. Therefore, make sure that the sound level of your motorcycle’s exhaust does not break any local laws and is not too disruptive for others around you.

As well as ensuring the comfort of others, make sure of your own safety while customizing your motorcycle. Perform ample research before you make each and every change to your vehicle.


Motorcycles are inherently a more rugged vehicle among the two-wheelers of the world. As such, it is no surprise that a number of riders prefer the unique rumbling sound of motorcycle exhaust systems.

This article was an attempt to inform motorcyclists of ways in which they can make their ride’s exhaust sound deeper. Hopefully, you know how to go about doing that now, or at least are more prepared to eventually make that modification.

Either way, the most important thing while performing any modifications on your motorcycle is to exercise caution, and never hesitate to seek further professional advice. Remember, you do not want to harm either yourself or your beloved motorcycle.

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