How To Do A Wheelie On A BMX Bike- Step By Step Guide

BMX bikes have a low centre of gravity to do tricks, which makes them easy to ride.

It’s a good idea to start small and work your way up when learning BMX tricks.

There are many different ways to do the manual, and one of them is called a “wheelie.” It would be best to learn how to do this trick before you learn how to do other tricks.

Two ways to raise the front wheel of your bike are shown. You keep riding your bike as you do both of them. In general, the tricks are very different from each other. When you do a manual, you don’t sit down, pedal, and keep your arms locked at full length. When you do a wheelie, you are sitting down, you pedal when you need to, and your arms are bent comfortably.

A step-by-step guide shows how to do both the manual and the wheelie on a BMX bike.

A step-by-step guide shows how to do both the manual and the wheelie on a BMX bike.

Get your bike to the right gear.

  • This is a BMX bike.
  • Safety clothes (helmet, knee guards, elbow guards)
  • Clothing that is easy to wear.
  • Gloves
  • With good grip shoes
  • A backpack (pack it with clothes so it can help break a fall)

Step 1: Spot the right place.

You’ll need a piece of land that is flat and about 40 to 50 meters long. Take care to pick a place without any traffic or people. Attempting the trick on concrete is the best way to do it. If you fall a lot, try to practice on grass first and then move on to concrete.

To avoid getting hurt when you fall, you should wear a helmet, knee and elbow pads, an L-guard, and so on.” Bhavesh Virwani, from Baroda, has been riding his BMX for five years. “First, do the moves on the grass in a park. Then, on your BMX, get used to the concrete.”

Step 2: Try to feel the weight.

Make sure your hands are on the bike’s handlebar as you stand next to it. Pull the bike up towards you to get a general sense of how much weight the bike has. This will help you figure out how much it weighs. Do this a few times and feel how the bike moves when the front wheel lifts off the ground.

Step 3: Understand the push-and-pop movement.

One of the parts of performing a manual or wheelie is the “push and pop.” Push down on the pedal simultaneously as raising the handlebar off the ground. Push and pop: To learn how to do this, stand behind the bike with your hands on the handlebar and your dominant foot on the pedal, and then push and pop. With your foot, push down on the pedal and pull up on the handlebars simultaneously, which is how you do it. Make sure the bike doesn’t move to the side when you do this step.

Step 4: Learn to bail out.

There is a lot of value in the bailout in all extreme sports. You know something isn’t right with the trick when you take a step back, so you don’t hurt yourself. There is a good chance that you’ll fall backward if you do the manual or the wheelie. You usually have your body weight behind the bike. Before you fall and hurt yourself, get your feet on the ground and get behind the bike right away. This is called a bailout.

Step 5: Practice on the bike

To try the manual, you need to be good at all the steps above. People start riding their bikes. You can do the push-and-pop while you’re riding slowly. Bend your chest low into the handlebar and keep your butt off of the seat. The weight of your body leaning back lifts your front wheel off the ground. In about 40 to 45 degrees, the front wheel should be up. As soon as the front wheel is up, lock your arms at full extension, bend your knees, and keep your butt off the seat. You are now following the instructions.

Do not pedal while doing the manual. To keep the momentum going, pump your legs into the pedal to move your bike forward.

Step 6: Practicing wheelie

You can move on to the wheelie if you are used to the manual. There is a very important thing about the wheelie that you need to do while sitting down.

It starts with a rolling start, with your chest bent into the handlebars, and your elbows bent. Then, you hold the front wheel about 40-45 degrees off the ground with your elbows bent. After getting the front wheel off the ground, you keep the bike steady and pedalling. There is now a wheelie being done.

Step 7: Try to maintain good form.

To do any BMX trick, you need to always be in charge of the bike. It’s important to keep the bike in a straight line when you do a manual or a wheelie. Once you’ve got the front wheel in the air, your legs should not wobble. Try to keep the bike moving in one direction. People who want to find their perfect balance point can keep moving their bodies back and forth on the bike. But they should avoid big and sudden moves, which can throw off their balance.

Step by step how to do a wheelie video guide

Keep Practicing

The front-wheel needs to stay off the ground, so you need to keep pedalling and apply torque to keep it that way. The back end of your body should be in balance and in a straight position so you don’t tilt to one side while you do this, there is no need to keep pedalling if you start to feel yourself fall backwards. You can just coast for a while and stop.

If you want to bring your front wheel down a little, just tap your rear brake. If you start to fall forward, pedal harder and faster to get back up.

In case of an accident or if you want to stop, just slow down your pedalling and your front wheel will fall down smoothly. If you start to fall backward, jump off the bike seat and onto the ground while still holding on to the handlebars.


Can you wheelie a 20 inch BMX?

Absolutely. 24″ and 26″ BMX bikes, as well as 26″ and 29″ mountain bikes, can all be used to do wheelies. The same rules work for both.

Are BMX bikes good for wheelies?

Mountain bikes and BMX bikes are the best way to learn how to do wheelies. That’s not all. BMX bikes in particular may make the trick even easier because they’re made for park riding.

Should I use brakes on my BMX bike?

You can’t deny that a bike without brakes and with less dirt looks cool. I run brakes on mine. It might take some time to get used to, so you might want to practice riding with brakes but not with them on. Then you can take them off. You should keep the brake mounts as well.

Conclusion On Performing A BMX Wheelie

You can do things on BMX bikes that you can’t do on a normal bicycle, like mountain bikes. If you want to have a lot of fun, you can buy a wheelie bike. They are made with a heavier rear wheel than BMX bikes, which makes it easier to do wheelies. It’s important to stay in a wheelie position even when you’re on a wheelie bike.

Knowing when to push forward, gain speed, and pedal to perform wheelies. In both the park and on the ground, wheelies or wheel lifts require a lot of practice. You need to be good at both. People who ride bikes might want to start with elbow pads or at least slow down. To keep your balance, you need to find a balance point. Then, wheelies will be easy.

Soon, you’ll be able to pop a wheelie, stop pedalling, and keep your knees level, with more control, so you can do it more often. It’s a good way to start your BMX journey. It’s a fun trick.

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