How to Clean Dirt Bike Air Filter? – [Easy Guide]

Every veteran biker knows that proper maintenance of the air filter on your dirt bike crucial. If you want to increase the life expectancy of your bike’s engine then you need to supply clean air to it.

And maintaining a clean air filter is critical for this task. For the internal combustion engine to work, you need to feed air into it. The oxygen is fed to the motorcycle’s engine by the intake system.

But if there is any dirt, sand, or anything harmful in the air, it will not only decrease the engine’s efficiency but also can damage the whole system. And this is where the air filter comes into play.

The air filter is the warden of your engine and keeps check of what goes in the engine from your intake system. It filters out all the dirt, pebbles, sand, and other impurities.

So the air filter is the last line of defense. And the knowledge of how to clean your dirt bike air filter is necessary to have in your arsenal.

So let’s begin.

How to Clean Dirt Bike Air Filter? – Step by Step Guide:

Maintain regularity

You can visually check whether your air filter is clean or not. But most of the time this method does not provide very accurate results. Because the chance of very small contaminants to be caught inside the air filter is high.

And the type of condition you are running your dirt bike in is a big factor too when it comes to calculating the frequency of cleaning. The more sandy and dirty roads the bike faces, the more frequently you should clean the air filter. Many people don’t clean their air filters on a regular basis and this often causes permanent damage to the engine. So maintaining regularity when it comes to cleaning your motorcycles’ air filter is essential. Always make sure to check for breakage and damage to the filter foam.

Use water to clean the paper air filter

The ait filter is usually placed under the seat of the dirt bike. If you have a paper air filter, then you are in luck. Because cleaning a paper air filter is as easy as it can get.

Remember to only use a good cleaning solvent and water to clean your paper filter. Put water to get the filter wet and then clean the filter with the solvent. Brush and clean gently. Try not to damage the filter with intense brushing. This will not only damage the filter but also can cause it to fail. Doing this can eventually cause serious damage to the engine.

After the filter is clean, let it completely air dry. Do not, under any circumstances, use an aggressive air compressor or dryer for the drying process.

Cleaning foam air filters

Foam filters are the most commonly used air filters on dirt bikes. The cleaning of the foam filter requires hard labor. Before starting, choose a proper cleaner for the job. Foam filters are often sensitive to some cleaner and they can cause long term damage. So choosing the appropriate cleanser is very important for this job

Once you’ve chosen the cleaner you want to work with, fill a bucket with water, and pour the appropriate amount of cleaner in it. Use this solution on the foam filter and scrub very gently. Wash it over and over again without rubbing the surface roughly. Rinse it well and. Let the foam filter dry.

As you can not use any quick methods like blow drying or laundry drying, you should clean it a few hours before you have to use this on your bike.

No matter what kind of filter you use, always dry it out completely before using it. otherwise, it will attract an unnecessary amount of harmful particles to itself.

Oiling your air filter

After the filter is dry, it’s time for you to oil it. You can put a sufficient amount of air filter specific oil on your globes and rub it against the surface of the filter. You can also put the oils in a plastic sack and pour it onto the filter. Massage the oil thoroughly until it is completely covered.

Get rid of the excess oil and let it dry for about half an hour before using it.

If you are not comfortable with handling oil, you can use a pre-oiled filter. You have to completely change the previous filter in this case. It will cost a bit more money but you can avoid the hassle altogether.

Don’t use gasoline to clean the foam filter

A huge rookie mistake is to clean the air filter with gasoline. All the people who tell you that they use gasoline to clean their bike’s air filter on a regular basis and it does not affect their performance is lying. Gasoline obviously gets the job done by stripping away the impurities on the filter foam. But it does more harm than good.

Gasoline breaks the foam cell and causes damage to the foam strips while cleaning. So it is highly advised to use commercially available air filter oil for the cleaning job.

Safety always comes first, not only for your dirt bike engine but also for yourself. So don’t forget to use proper safety gloves before handling this maintenance task. Always make sure to inspect your air filter and remember that a filter does not last forever.

Now that you know how to clean dirt bike air filter, you can keep a healthy and long-lasting relationship with your dirt bikes. So the next time you ride your bike, ride it hard, get dirty, clean the filter, and repeat.