How Much Is A Mountain Bike- Ultimate Guide

Choosing a bike to ride wasn’t important to me when I began mountain biking as an adolescent.

A 26-inch Roadmaster with bald tires and only rear brakes was the first bike I rode on the trails.

The bike didn’t survive long, and it would be a few more years before I was ready to purchase a new cycle.

Although it wasn’t until my maturity that I purchased my first true Mountain Bike on my own, it was a long time before Mountain Biking returned to my life.

And man-o-man was I in for a surprise. Here we will let you know How Much Is A Mountain Bike.

I was astounded at the pricing of Mountain Bikes when I first saw them listed on the internet.

I couldn’t even locate a “budget” Mountain Bike under $1000 while searching for “budget” models.

It’s safe to say that I was feeling very confident when I revealed my plans to buy a motorcycle to my wife.

However, I was well-prepared.

Even if I had to make a PowerPoint presentation and go through all the hoops to prove that I liked mountain biking, I was ready to spend the money.

Fortunately, such was not the case.

I was able to discover a fantastic Mountain Bike within my budget after a little bit of study, imagination, and patience – and I’ve enjoyed riding ever since.

Buying a Mountain Bike taught me a lot about the industry and what to look for in a bicycle.

To help those who are curious about the cost of a Mountain Bike, I’ve put up this guide.

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have an idea of what a good mountain bike costs and how to find the best deal on one.

The price of a good mountain bike ranges from $400 to $800, but there are several methods to save money on a good bike. It’s easy to spend a few thousand dollars on a new mountain bike, but there are plenty of terrific options available for less.

To assist you in better grasping the price of a high-quality mountain bike, we’ve compiled a list of tips for finding and saving money on one. I’ve also included a few things to help you get started on your Mountain Bike journey.

Detail Cost by Types Of Mountain Bike

Mountain Bikes have come a long way since the 1980s when they initially gained popularity.

It’s one of the most visible differences because so many different varieties of Mountain Bikes are available.

It’s important to know the typical price for each type of mountain bike to get a sense of how much a good one costs.

Even though we still have our beloved Hardtails, there are now more full-suspension models than ever before.

The introduction of Downhill Bikes and All-Mountain Bikes due to their full suspension capabilities has further elevated the category.

Some of the most popular mountain bike manufacturers have provided me with pricing for some of their entry-level models.

How Much Is A Mountain Bike By Types

Hardtail Entry Level – $476

According to our evaluation of over nine models, an entry-level Hardtail from one of the leading manufacturers costs $476.

Since mountain biking in the 1980s, hardtails have been the most popular form of a mountain bike.

Unlike a full-suspension bike, front fork suspension is the only part of an adjustable Hardtail.

If you don’t want to shell out the money for a full-suspension bike, a hardtail maybe your best alternative.

In this case, producers can concentrate on developing a high-quality mountain bike without worrying about cutting prices or sacrificing quality.

A hardtail is an excellent option if you’re on a tight budget because you’ll get more for your money.

Compared to the most basic full-suspension mountain bike, you can purchase a fully-equipped hardtail for the same amount.

The Hardtail, on the other hand, isn’t something to be sniffed at.

On the other hand, Hardtails are capable enough to compete with the most modern full-suspension bikes currently on the market.

Full-Suspension Entry-Level – $1702

The average price of a good full-suspension Mountain Bike is $1702, which we reviewed from over nine leading manufacturers.

Full-suspension Mountain Bikes have a significantly higher average price.

Even if it costs more to add extra suspension, making the bike safe to ride is also necessary.

Manufacturers of full-suspension bikes have to reinvent the bike frame anew.

For example, various points of possible failure must be eliminated.

Why do you want to spend so much money on a full-suspension vehicle?

Downhill Beginner’s Course – $4165

The average price of a good downhill mountain bike is $4165, based on a survey of six of the best manufacturers.

Downhill bikes are a sort of Full suspension bike, but they are so specialized that they deserve their category.

Even though they are full-suspension bikes, Downhill Mountain Bikes will cost extra because of the additional stress they are subjected to.

Mountain Biking’s downhill discipline is one of the most dangerous.

Breakneck twists, jarring rock beds, and violent drops put the bikes under a lot of stress.

Manufacturers have to construct some of the strongest Mountain Bikes ever made to handle this much weight and power.

Technology and scientific research are also required to bring new ideas to fruition.

Electric Starter Kit – $4595.00

After examining models from seven different manufacturers, the average price of an entry-level Electric Mountain Bike is $4595.

The novelty of e-MTBs comes at a price, and e-MTBs are no exception.

In addition to being new, A-are MTB’s extremely complicated equipment.

An Electric Mountain Cycle, like a Downhill bike, must be built to withstand the rigors of the trail.

On the other hand, Electric Mountain Bikes are often identical to their mechanical counterparts.

What Makes a Mountain Bike Better Than Others?

To get an idea of How Much Is A Mountain Bike, you’ll need to look at new models.

There is no need to get the most recent Mountain Bike models, even if they are cool.

However, you can easily find a good Mountain Bike that is at least ten years old in good condition.

When I first got back into Mountain Biking, I was in the same situation.

It was important to me to prove that I could maintain a regular exercise routine before spending hundreds of dollars on a new bike.

As a result, I purchased a secondhand Mountain Bike.

However, I made care to adhere to standards because not all Mountain Bikes are the same.

To avoid purchasing the cheapest Mountain Bike, keep this in mind before making your purchase.

So, how can you tell whether or not a Mountain Bike is good?

It’s truly very straightforward and uncomplicated.

You can tell whether a Mountain Bike is good if comfortable for you, has reliable brakes, and is built solidly.

The gearing and suspension settings can be selected once the bike has been deemed safe to ride.

As a result, I’ll further detail to explain what makes a Mountain Bike good or bad.


To begin, physical fitness should always come first.

Most mountain bikers believe that getting a proper fit is the finest investment you can make.

This is because your bike’s fit greatly influences your riding experience.

How your bike performs and how confident you are in it depends on how well-fitted you are.

Even if you don’t ride great distances, you run the risk of injury if you’re on an uncomfortable bike.

Choosing a bike’s frame material is an important consideration since it will affect the overall strength of your Mountain Bike.

To put it another way: You want to know that your bike will hold up when you’re hurtling yourself down an MTB path at 30mph.

Aluminum, Steel, Carbon, and Titanium are some of the most commonly used materials.

Using aluminum as a frame material is one of the most common options, and for a good reason. Aluminum has been used by manufacturers for years to achieve a balance between weight, strength, and cost.

In terms of strength and cost, steel is a good option, but it’s not the most efficient metal, and it can be too heavy for many riders.

Mountain Bikes with carbon and titanium frames are usually reserved for the most expensive models. Despite their small weight and greater strength, they are extremely expensive to produce and purchase.

Aluminum frames are your best bet if you’re looking for a good Mountain Bike.

In addition to being among the safest and strongest frames available, these frames are also reasonably priced.

Fortunately, you won’t be able to locate anything else that fits your budget.

A key debate in recent years has been about gearing.

Mountain bikes used to have gears ranging from 0 to 30 before the rise of the 1X.

As a result, Mountain Bikers had access to a wide variety of gears that could handle just about any condition on the course, thanks to the 2 and 3 chainrings.

In the past few years, the vast majority of Mountain Bikes were equipped with three chainrings. Furthermore, you’d assume this would be a paid perk.

Even though mountain bike parts are becoming more efficient, many riders are looking for a single chainring, commonly known as a 1X.

So, do you need a single-chainring Mountain Bike?

However, it isn’t a must, and it’s something to think about.

Many Mountain Bikes can be had with the same old 3-chainring arrangement.

A 1X may or may not be a wise investment, depending on your financial situation.

Even though your bike has three chainrings and extra gears, don’t worry if you’re seeking the best value for your money.


Consider the Mountain Bike’s brakes as an additional safety feature before making your purchase.

Disc brakes are becoming increasingly common on contemporary mountain bikes, as you may have observed.

Disc brakes are standard equipment on even the most budget-friendly bikes, such as those sold at Wal-Mart.

Brakes are also a performance component, although they are not a stumbling block.

Is there a reason why disc brakes are so popular, as opposed to the more traditional rim brakes we’re used to, and do we really need them?

To begin, disc brakes offer better stopping power and a wider modulation range than drum brakes.

In addition to that, they’re more dependable when it’s pouring, muddy, or just too clumpy to handle on the trail.

However, are disc brakes actually required?

There are still plenty of us who can get by with a simple rim brake. For all these years, they’ve proven a solid braking system, and new parts are still easy to come by.

However, disc brakes are still an option.

The fact that they’ve been around for so long means that they’re now both reasonably priced and widely available.

Disc brakes can be found on even the most affordable Mountain Bikes.


Commonality and upgradeability are two features that novice riders sometimes overlook when shopping for a mountain bike.

Even the cheapest Mountain Bikes, as previously said, are extremely durable.

Regardless of the bike you choose, expect to own it for several years.

As a result, there will be years of repairs, replacements, and even upgrades.

The Mountain Bike I got for my friend was from a department store, and I didn’t give it a second thought.

After repairing my real Mountain Bike, I figured I’d be able to handle any problems on this less expensive one.

You may imagine my astonishment when I discovered that several of the low-cost bicycle parts were actually proprietary. Some pieces were entirely welded together and couldn’t be upgraded, making it difficult to find tools to fit the non-standard bolts.

Many of the replaceable assemblies were so generic there was no name or model number to refer to if I were ever looking something up.

As you might imagine, we pounded the pavement on the bike till she broke down and was dumped.

The moral of the story is to always consider the long term when making a Mountain Bike purchase.

You’ll want to build on it and add premium features as soon as you’ve fallen in love with it.

Replacement components should be readily available and easy to find on any quality mountain bike.

Why do Mountain Bikes Cost So Much?How Much Is A Mountain Bike

Mountain biking advocates argue that you can buy a bike for the same price as a few Mountain Bikes.

And I can’t say that I’m on the same page with it.

There are a number of Mountain Bikes advertising for a lot more money than the ordinary person would expect to pay.

Even though I can appreciate the high price of these Mountain Bikes, I don’t think they’re as appealing to casual riders as they are to enthusiasts.

Spending a few thousand dollars on a Mountain Bike may seem unreasonable to the ordinary consumer.

It’s hard to resist with a price tag of a little over $100.

Do mountain bikes truly pay for themselves in the long run?

To address your question, I’ll go through some of the factors that go into setting such a high price, as well as some of the reasons why you might want to pay the premium.

They Don’t

As soon as I started upgrading my Mountain Bike, I was puzzled by the exorbitant price tag.

I used to ponder, “Why do Mountain Bikes cost so much?” after seeing all of my dream bikes hidden behind a ten-thousand-dollar paywall.

I eventually discovered that mountain bikes aren’t as pricey as I had previously thought.

In reality, the media and marketing firms pushing for more sales are blamed.

Most Mountain Bikes are advertised as being pricey because of all the attention paid to new and improved models.

However, sales figures and pictures of trail bikes show that low-priced bikes dominate the market.

It is cheaper entry-level Mountain Bikes that make the most money for the makers.


The durability of Mountain bikes is the second most obvious factor in determining their price.

Previously, I noted that Mountain Bikes are designed for riders who put their bikes through the wringer, ripping them around corners, tearing them up-down slopes, and putting them through the wringer again and again in the air.

Reliability and durability are essential when designing a machine for use on a mountain bike route to avoid a lawsuit.

In contrast to the less expensive models found in department stores, the more expensive Mountain Bikes have been subjected to extensive testing over an extended period.

There is always an effort by manufacturers to increase their reliability.

As Mountain Bikes get more durable, it’s only a matter of time before the price increases.

When calculating the cost of a Mountain Bike, keep in mind the years of innovation and evolution into the bike you’re currently riding.

Although there are many parallels between today’s motorcycles and those 20 years ago, there are also many distinctions.

To begin, today’s Mountain Bikes are far superior to their predecessors from decades past.

As technology advances, so do the procedures used to make these new, better materials.

Manufacturers have had to constantly improve the quality and value of their products to compete in an ever-changing market for consumer goods.

It’s only a matter of time before those expenses are passed on to the general public.

Even though a less expensive Mountain Bike is easily constructed, the current market will not support it.


Finally, manufacturers should be commended for the many years of effort to develop their bicycles.

They could face a lawsuit or lose customers if their product has flaws, imperfections, or inconsistencies.

Competition from other brands as well as consumer demand keeps manufacturers on their toes as they try to develop a better and more expensive Mountain Bike.

Costs like this aren’t in the low ball range, as you might expect.

Testing each product takes time and workforce, and it’s not enough to hire the best and the brightest in your area.

Because Mountain Bikes are designed to survive for many years, the quality standards are extremely high.

How Can You Spare Less Money While Buying Your First MTB (How Much Is A Mountain Bike Guide)

The high cost of most Mountain Bikes can be justified in various ways, but it is also possible to save money when purchasing one.

Buying a Mountain Bike is a great method to save money, and I urge that you do it whenever possible.

In most circumstances, it’s wiser to save money for future upgrades and repairs, even if your budget allows you to buy some of the most expensive bikes right off the assembly line.

Here are five strategies to save money on a Mountain Bike, no matter your budget.

1. Shop for Last Season’s Clothes.

Manufacturers release new Mountain Bike models on a yearly basis.

In addition to that, the older models begin to see considerable price decreases as soon as the newer models are released.

As time goes on, this becomes more and more relevant.

2. You can buy used from your LBS.

As a beginner, you’ll quickly understand that your local bike shop (LBS) is your one-stop-shop for all things Mountain Bike (MTB).

It’s also a terrific place to find pre-owned Mountain Bikes in addition to the newest models.

Buying or trading in old Mountain Bikes is common as they are surrounded by them all day.

These are well-loved, vintage mountain bikes for sale most of the time.

When I went to the website of my local bike shop, I saw Mountain Bikes on sale for $150 to $300.

3. Facebook Marketplace, Craiglist, or VarageSale?

An online classified ad site such as Craigslist or VarageSale is virtually always where you’ll find the best deals.

The majority of the Mountain Bikes for sale on these websites have been sitting in storage for a few years or are too big or little for a grandson.

As a result, many of them will be in decent condition.

You can get a fantastic bike for an incredible bargain with enough effort and perseverance.

VarageSale or similar has provided me with some of my greatest Mountain Bikes.

Additionally, the price is usually adjustable, and some merchants may even be ready to trade for other items.

To avoid any surprises, make sure to thoroughly inspect the bike before making a purchase.

4. Invest in a Low-Priced Model

You can always choose with a less expensive model of Mountain Bike, which isn’t really a secret but is still not widely known.

This is your best bet if you’re in the market for a brand-new bike but are on a tight budget.

Budget mountain bikes sometimes share the same frame as the more expensive models but use less expensive brakes, shifters, and other components.

As a result, you have the option of purchasing a machine with a lot of potentials and then adding on to it in the future.

This is a great alternative if you can afford it, despite the exorbitant costs.

5: Be patient for a good deal

A Bike Shop might conduct a seasonal deal on their current inventory, just like manufacturers do.

Because the Bike Shop is more motivated to get rid of surplus inventory, the pricing is likely to be more enticing than seasonal sales.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to visit your local sporting goods store regularly and to look at their website if you can.

Do I Need To Buy A Expensive MTB?

I’m going to get a little flack for this one, but I will explain it nonetheless.

With some department shops selling Mountain Bikes for as little as $100, it can be a bit of a shock to be asked to fork up ten times that amount for one of the “Real Mountain Bikes”.

Even more so when a true Mountain Bike price is so much higher.

It is easy to understand, however, why more expensive Mountain Bikes are a good investment after reading the points made in this article.

In spite of the fact that great Mountain Bikes are only slightly more expensive than ones that are available at Walmart, I still recommend that you spend the extra money to get a better bike.

However, I can’t deny that the discount department stores have a role in our lives.

In fact, I don’t see anything wrong with a rider purchasing a mountain bike from a department store if that’s what they need.

But department store bikes have a lot of problems, so individuals who buy from a department store need to be aware of what they’re getting themselves into before making a purchase.

As a result of the fact that department store bikes are extremely dangerous on mountain biking tracks.

I’ll give you some tips below to assist you to decide if you do need that high-priced Mountain bike.

There are times when a low-cost mountain bike is acceptable.

The majority of the time, the bikes sold in department stores are so dangerous that they are not suitable for most riders. Several are clearly marked as “unsuitable for use on mountain bike trails.”

It’s possible to make them safer and even take them hiking with you.

Purchasing a low-cost mountain bike is OK, provided you are confident in your ability to maintain it and make it safe to ride before venturing into the path. If you only plan to ride beginner routes that don’t contain any jumps or dangerous circumstances, it’s fine to get an inexpensive Mountain Bike. In addition, affordable Mountain Bikes are a terrific choice for individuals who wish to ride around their community or local park. If you ride on anything too rough, just be prepared for a noisy and uncomfortable experience.

You won’t get the durability and safety you’d expect from a serious mountain bike from a department store model.

If you’re seeking anything that looks and functions just like its real-life counterpart, this is a fantastic option.

When you’re looking for a more expensive mountain bicycle.

Mountain Bikes that are sometimes considered expensive are simply those that can be used on a Mountain Bike trail without causing injury.

A more expensive Mountain Bike might make sense at this point.

The safety and dependability of a far more expensive Mountain Bike are essential if you intend to ride real Mountain Bike tracks.

And as you can see, a good Mountain Bike is within reach for almost anyone’s financial means.

How Much Do Mountain Biking Cost?

Finally, if you want to do Mountain Biking, you’ll need more than just a bike.

As you may have guessed, Mountain Biking places a heavy emphasis on safety.

It would be best if you did not go Mountain Biking without all the necessary safety gear for riding because of this.

You must have a helmet, gloves, adequate shoes, and a basic first aid kit to ride a motorcycle safely.

And just as with the Mountain Bike, you can save a lot of money on all the Mountain Bike Gear you need by following the same rules I outlined earlier.

If you’re not ready to buy, you can even rent a Mountain Bike.

For the sake of clarity, I’ll list a few of the most common expenses you’ll encounter while mountain biking.

$30-50 Gloves – $15-30 First Aid Kit – $10 Multi-Tool – $15 Spare Tubes – $10 Backpack or Hydration Pack*

It will cost you $380 to go mountain biking.

While these are some of the more usual expenses, you need also account for the cost of getting to and from the Mountain Bike Park, transportation, and any necessary maintenance.

You can further reduce this cost by purchasing a used mountain bike, buying it cheaply, or even leasing a bike for the day.

Conclusion For A Mountain Bike Cost

In the end, a good Mountain Bike isn’t too expensive.

Indeed, there are numerous ways of making money on a Mountain Bike and strategies to begin Mountain Biking on a budget.

I sincerely hope that you found this post to be beneficial.

Good luck in your search for a new Mountain Bike, and have fun out on the trails!