How Long Does it Take to Bike 20 Miles?

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“How long does it take to bike 20 miles?” – well, the answer might not be as simple as you might think. The time taken to ride a certain distance with a bicycle can’t just be calculated with a bunch of math. In fact, various factors must be taken into account to figure out an estimation.

If you want a straightforward answer then I’d have to say 1 hour and 30 minutes. But that’s considering that you are on a flat road, there’s no traffic and the climate condition is most ideal. But that won’t be the case every day.

Experience, stamina, weather, route, bike type – all of this will have a clear impact on the amount of time it would require for you to ride a certain distance with your bike.

Factors Influencing Bike Riding Speed

Many physical and environmental factors influence a bike rider’s speed. We are going to discuss in detail what those factors are. Here are the factors that can influence the speed at which a bike rider may ride their bike –


It is a no brainer that professional bike riders have an upper hand over average people when it comes to covering maximum distance at a certain time. Years of experience and training focusing on building their physique to deliver the maximum performance while bike riding allows them to ride faster than the average person.


The more stamina you have the longer and faster you can ride a bike. That’s just science. Those who work out and maintain a healthy shape have better stamina. So, we can say that having a better physique will allow you to cover more miles.


No matter how strong you are or how experienced you escape mother nature. The weather will have a drastic impact on your cycling. On a windy day, your maximum speed is sure to take a hit considering your bike opposite to the wind direction.

On the other hand, biking along the wind direction can actually increase your speed and allow you to bike 20 miles much faster than you would on a sunny and calm day.

Bike type

Every type of bike has a purpose. And not all of them are built for speed. For example, mountain bikes with their thick rugged tires are built to provide grip and cycle off-road. But when it comes to speed, they fall behind road or hybrid bikes.

Road bikes have thin and light tires. This makes them less likely to be affected by air resistance and easier to pedal. Allowing you to ride faster.

If you want to step up your bike riding game then you can invest in a triathlon bike. They are pretty expensive and need a lot of experience to ride. But they can assure you of the proper aerodynamics required to achieve much better performance.


When we said it will take 1 hour and 30 minutes to cross 20 miles with a bike it was on condition that you are riding on a flat and straight route. But that probably won’t be the case.

Your route will most probably have curves, traffic, speed breakers, pedestrians, up slopes, and down slopes – all of which will work to lengthen or shorten the estimation which he has provided.

How To Increase Bike Riding Speed?

Not satisfied with how fast you are with a bike? Well, don’t worry. With a few simple guidelines, you can surely enhance your performance. And here’s how –

Stay fit

Like we said before your physique has a direct impact on how fast you can go on a bike. So, eat healthily and hit the gym once in a while. Staying in shape will definitely boost your performance.


There is no better way to get good at something than training. And that’s also the case for bike riding. Ride more frequently and track your progress. Frequent riding will strengthen your quads and hamstring muscles. Also, the glute muscles of your back are most utilized while riding a bicycle.

This will allow you to ride for longer and pedal harder without succumbing to exhaustion day by day.

Choose a proper bike

Choosing the right bike for the right terrain is a great way to boost your performance. If you are planning to bike on the road then choosing a road bike would be ideal. Also, experienced riders can opt for a triathlon bike which is sure to provide the best performance.

On the other hand, if you are going to be riding off-road a lot then switching to an off-road bike would be ideal. They provide better traction and can handle unruly terrains making sure you spend more time riding and less time falling.

Hydrate yourself

When you’re driving a motorcycle, you need to fuel your engine. In the case of bicycles, you are the engine. And engines need fuel to run. For you, the fuel is your water. Stay properly hydrated to reduce exhaustion and overheating. This will definitely increase your performance.

Invest in better equipment

If you are really serious about getting the most out of your bicycle then consider buying items designed to enhance your performance. For example, aero helmets, aero wheels. Aero bars etc. They will definitely give you a noticeable bump in performance.

Be mindful of aerodynamics

Do proper research on achieving the best aerodynamic position for riding your bike. If you can’t afford a triathlon bike or just don’t bother too then you can buy a pair of aero bars. They won’t magically make your road bike as good as a triathlon bike. But they will surely boost your performance.


Estimating how long does it take to bike 20 miles is not a straight forward task. There are just so many factors the play into it that it’s almost impossible to come up with a definite answer.

But we can be sure of one thing. That no matter how fast you are at this moment you can improve. And following this guide, you can do it. So, get out there, grab your bike and start riding.