3 Simple and Easy Steps To Repair Your BMX Brakes

If you are a BMX rider then it is most likely that you have bought a set of good and quality BMX brakes for your bicycle. But what if it fails you and you have no idea how to fix it? Don’t worry we got your back, that’s why we write this article on How do you fix a BMX brake on your own?

BMX brake is a must-have device that can make a huge difference in the performance of your bicycle. So, if the brake suddenly stops working then you need to know how to fix a BMX brake right away.

Here Is a Step by Step Guide to Fix a Bmx Brake

  • Remove the lever

To start with, firstly take out the lever of your BMX brake which is a part of the brake mechanism. Remove the lever and keep it aside.

Now, take out the handle and remove the brake pads from the rim of the wheel. You need to put back the lever and the handle and then adjust the brake pads back to the rim of the wheel.

  • Use a new brake pad

Take a new pair of brake pads and insert them on the rim of your bicycle. Make sure that they are not scratched and should be as smooth as possible.

  • Put everything back together 

Now, put back the lever and the handle. Adjust them again to the rim of your wheel and then press them firmly against the rim.

Video Guide On How To Adjust BMX Brakes

Note: If everything went properly then it is time to go for some practice rides.


This is the simplest and easy way to repair your BMX brake. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge to do this. All you need to follow are the simple steps mentioned above and you will get a fixed BMX brake in no time.

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