BMX vs Mountain Bike – [Which One to Choose?]

If you owned a BMX or Mountain Bike at some point in your life, I would assume you had a good time despite all that craps life throws at you whether you like it or not. But if that’s not the case, this is as good a time as any to start looking for one.

This could be for your kid who wants a good riding experience on the way to school. Also, it could be you want to blow off some steam after work, or in general, you want to have a good time riding a dirt trail.

Here we will be discussing BMX vs Mountain Bike, what are they, the difference, and which one should you choose. So, if you are just starting out knowing the types and functionality of both bikes will put you at ease for selecting the right one for you.

What is BMX Bike?

BMX comes from Bicycle Motocross or Bike Motocross. It’s a type of sports bicycle simply used for stunts, freestyle tricks in the skate parks, and fun riding around your neighborhood.

At first, BMX was intended for racing but later become more and more popular in the sports Community mainly because of its durability, high-pressure tire, simple gearing, and huge riser bars.

BMX vs Mountain Bike

What is a Mountain Bike?

In short mountain bike is called MTB has the most overall popularity in terms of practicality and versatility. They are made to go fast, easy on negotiating rough turns and terrains. It’s comfortable and makes great transportation for people of all ages. There are some special mountain bikes to perform wheelies.

Mountain bike is capable of a lot of things though, it was created specifically for off-road adventures, downhill race, all-day endurance. During its development, Mountain Bike manages to pick up all the good traits from other types of bikes that’s why Mountain Bike is so popular.

Bike Structure: Why Are They Important?

Different bikes have different structures. Every part of a bike plays a role in enhancing its functionality. When it comes to the Mountain bike, speed is the key. So, the construction of Mountain bike tends to be lightweight.

On the other hand, BMX bikes excelled in durability as most of the time it will be used to do stunts and tricks. that’s why BMX is nearly indestructible.

The bike frame is the most important section in any bike which holds your seat, wheels, handlebar, and other important parts. These frames are made of different kinds of materials, such as steel and aluminum.

Steel frames are heavy and strong. BMX bikes are the perfect candidate for this type of frame. Mountain bikes are mostly made out of aluminum which is lighter than steel but not as strong as steel.

Though nowadays different hybrid materials are being developed that are strong as well as lightweight. As technology advances more ergonomic frame designs are being introduced.

The Wheels of a bike come in different sizes depending on the rider’s size. For a mountain bike, the standard size is 26 inches.  Bigger wheels mean it will cover more ground and allows the rider to overcome bigger obstacles.

On BMX bikes wheel can be between 12 inches to 24 inches depending on age and height. The most popular wheel size for a BMX bike is 20 inches. Smaller wheels have less tendency to break. This is undoubtedly a good option for a kid or a novice rider.

The Tires of BMX and Mountain Bike can be similar with regards to various traction types. One of the great attributes of a Mountain bike’s tire is its knobby grooves which perform outstanding since it offers a firm grip over rough paths.

The Handlebars ensures easy to control when sprinting on a trail or greater maneuverability during stunts. Most rider barely gives thought to the type of handlebars, as they have no moving parts, and they all function in the same manner.

Suspension makes riding more comfortable by absorbing most of the shock from impact. BMX doesn’t come with suspension in the rear or front. Skillful riders are able to distribute shock to the rigid frame of BMX.

Similarly, In the past Mountain Bike had no suspension but later front suspension forks were introduced. This made riding on rough terrain easier and less stressful. This also makes riding on a Mountain bike more enjoyable.

Brakes are another vital part of a bike that ensures safety. Better brakes mean better stopping power with less effort. Mountain bike uses the best braking system there, called the disc brake. They offer a much-improved braking system over the old-fashioned rim brakes.

Disc brakes are located in the center of a wheel which makes it comparatively cleaner and drier than the rims. So, when it’s time to perform it won’t let you down for a second. But keep in mind that disc brakes are not cheap and require moderate maintenance.

Unlike Mountain Bike,

doesn’t have an advanced braking system. Even when it comes with rear brakes professional riders remove them for street cred.

BMX vs Mountain Bike Video Explanation

BMX vs Mountain Bike: Pros and Cons



  • Indestructible frame
  • Simple construction
  • Relatively small and lightweight


  • Not good for a long ride
  • Uncomfortable
  • Low gear

Mountain Bike


  • Fast riding
  • Comfortable
  • Better suspension system
  • Wide range of gears
  • Different available Frame size
  • Better upgradability


  • Need Maintenance
  • Complicated mechanism
  • Small parts can easily be damaged

Final Verdict

BMX and Mountain Bike both are designed to serve a different purpose. Both bikes do well in their respective field. Therefore, it falls into the rider’s hands to choose from BMX vs Mountain bike.

In terms of price, Mountain bikes can be cheaper. If your goal is to commute around town, do some adventurous trailing with friends without breaking your bank account, then this could be a good choice for you.

This doesn’t mean that BMX cannot be more fun than a mountain bike. Like I said BMX has its perks. Being able to show off some skills on the street or in skate parks with friends without having to worry about maintenance, that’s a win.

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