Best Spray Paint For Bike Frames [Reviewed] In 2022

Your Bike looks outdated, dull, or fades away?

Don’t feel like riding your crappy old Bike? 

Want a new one?

The solution is here. Now you don’t have to spend a lot to buy a brand new bike. You can make your old Bike like a new one by painting it. Paint is the main attraction of the Bike; it will make your Bike more glossy and attractive at a reasonable price. Here we have came with the Best Spray Paint For Bike Frame review.

Buy a high-quality bike frame paint, color it with your hand and get a bike like a new one. Because painting a bike frame is a DIY project, you don’t have to help a professional with bike frame painting.

I know why you are here, so let’s not complicate and start with our complete guide, tips, tricks, and comprehensive review of the best paint for bike frames. Here is our top picks for the best paint for a bicycle frame and best spray paint for bike frame. Here are our top Best Spray Paints For Bike Frame you need.






Dupli-Color Metal Cast


Rust-Oleum Spray Color


Rust-Oleum Stops Rust 


Rust-Oleum Professional Primer


Krylon ColorMaster

In a Hurry? Here is Our Best Pick for the best paint for a bicycle frame:

Rust-Oleum Spray Color-Best Budget Bike Frame Paint

5 Best Paint For Bike Frames Reviews 

Here are our top recommendations for best paint for a bicycle frame. Below, we are going to review them.

1. Dupli-Color Metal Cast Anodized Color- Top pick Best Spray Paint For Bike Frame 

Dupli-Color Metalcast Anodized Automotive Paints is a premium color paint with the sparkle of metal dupli color effects. This is the Best Beginner Bike Frame Paint.

It can turn your ordinary bike frame into a bright, glossy frame. Dupli color is a famous brand for delivering high-quality touchup paints that isn’t only suitable for bike frames or bicycles but also usable for cars and trucks. 

It’s an easy one-step process to paint with Dupli Color paint. First, apply the primer, then paint with this Dupli-Color Metalcast Anodized Automotive Paints, then use it over the primer and let it set for 15 minutes. It will dry adequately in 15 minutes. It is one of the Best Spray Paint For Bike Frame.

WHY IS THIS A TOP PICK For Best Spray Paint For Bike Frame ?

This paint gives a durable metal finish that makes this paint best for the exterior, interior, and other high heat applications under the hood. Use this paint for DIY decor items; its glossy finishes will make the decor shine your home.

With this paint’s help, making any surfaces ( Metal, Aluminum, Wood, etc.) more glossy is easy. This spray can endure heat up to 500 degrees intermittently. So, don’t worry about the high heat until it’s more than 500 degrees.

This Duply spray comes with a Spray Nozzle that is EZ touch. One light touch is enough to make it work. Touch the Nozzle, move it all around and paint the bike frame comfortably. 

It polishes metal surfaces so beautifully that everyone appreciates its shiny veneer, and you can also create different colors with its anodized color effect. So if you love the rainbow or mix colors, it’s a perfect match. This one is the best paint for a bicycle frame.

This paint dries very quickly. You won’t have to wait more than 15 minutes to apply another coat. If you want to touch or move it from one place to another, you can do it just after 1 hour of painting. In that time, it will dry properly and will be ready to handle.

  • Provide glossy metal finish
  • Anodized with different color effect
  • Take only 15 minutes to dry
  • Easy to spray by touching the EZ touch Spray Nozzle
  • Allow high heat applications under the hood
  • The EZ touch Nozzle get damaged very soon

2. Rust-Oleum Spray Color

The 11 Ounce Speciality Spray Color Shift from the Rust-Oleum is one of the best paint for bike frames. It has won the second position in our recommendation list with its great specs. This is the Best Professional Bike Frame Paint. This color is suitable for all types of BMX bikes. (know more about BMX bikes)

This 11 Ounce Rust-Oleum features advanced technology that can help you in building your dream custom motorcycle. Now you can design your Bike on your own as per your wish. This color spray is upgraded with light interference pigments that will give you a super matt finishing and stunning look. 

WHY IS THIS A TOP PICK For best paint for bikes frames ?

This galaxy blue 11 Ounce Color Spray is a worthy product. 

This color spray from Rust-Oleum is reasonable and long-lasting. After coloring the bike frame or anything else with this spray color, it will last for a long time. So, don’t take the worry of painting the bike frame very soon after coloring it.

Its versatility and durability will amaze you once you use it. If you spray this color over a black coating or black primer, it will set beautifully on the surface. When you move the Bike around, the rainbow color effect will be visible.

Use this color spray not only for outdoor use; it’s usable for various indoor projects also. You can do multiple services like Helmets, Rims, Skateboards, Home Decor Items, Automotive Accessories, and many more with this Rust-Oleum Spray paint.

Rust-Oleum 11 Ounce’s specialty is – it will give your Bike a metal surface and a “prey” finishing. If your body is Wood, Plastic, Aluminium Metal, or Vinyl, still no problem. It’s suitable for all types of uses.

This spray color is easy to apply, so anyone can paint their Bike with their hand without facing any problems. Due to its top feature ( any angle spray), you can comfortably use it anywhere from any position.

  • Enriched with rainbow color
  • Comfortable to use for any angled design
  • Long-lasting on any surface uses
  • Usable for home decoration or indoor/outdoor any need
  • Dramatic color effects
  • Painting over black coating or black primer for better results

3. Rust-Oleum Stops Rust 

Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Spray Paint is the number one color spray in its category. It’s rusted protective, and that’s why this product is on our list. This is the Best Scratch Proof Bike Frame Paint.

It’s also a high-quality color spray from the Rust-Oleum brand. It comes in a variety of colors and gives flat finishes. It features an angled technology and provides a smooth surface on any surface like metal wood and so on. This color is best for mountain bikes.

Let’s know something more about this color spray with details.

WHY IS THIS A TOP PICK For best paint for bikes frames ?

The first thing that drags our minds about this spray paint is its color retention and excellent rust prevention. The enamels it includes protects the surface from any rust and keeps it clean and clear.

This spray is washable; after being rust preventive, still, if it needs cleaning, you can clean it with water. The color won’t fade away or need any retouch very soon. This spray gives a soft, shiny look on the surface. It won’t be damaged by water cleanup. 

Like the 11 Ounce Color Spray, this one is also any angled spray. So you can use it on any hard to reach bike areas or anywhere you need quickly. This 360 degree angled spray you can use on wood, metal, concrete, masonry, and other surfaces for lasting protection.

This paint will hide any scratch easily, as it’s oil-based. You will get a wider finger pad with this spray to reduce the fatigue caused by repeated spray. Use it and paint your bike frame with comfort. This one is also a best paint for a bicycle frame you can use.

Usually, after painting, we have to give more than two days to dry the Bike completely. But with this spray, you won’t have to wait for a long time. It dries immediately; it won’t take even one day to dry. It will take a maximum of 4 -5 hours to dry entirely. So, you can use your Bike on the same day you painted it.

  • Protect from rust in extreme weather
  • Last longer due to its oil-based formula
  • Lessen fatigue due to continuous spray
  • Eligible for both indoor and outdoor uses
  • Give full coverage with no sheen look

  • For heavy rusted bike surface, you need to apply rust Oleum Stops Rust Rusty Metal Primer

4. Rust-Oleum Professional Primer Spray 

Rust-Oleum Professional Primer Spray is the best fit for commercial uses. Due to its oil-based formula, it can maintain consistency and provide rust resistive color. This is the Best Spray Bike Frame Paint.

This primer spray is reasonable, and with one spray bottle, you can cover almost 20square feet. One spray bottle is more than enough for one bike frame painting. This spray paint provides full coverage, so once you paint your bike frame with it, it will last for a longer time. 

WHY IS THIS A TOP PICK For best paint for bikes frames ?

This spray is going to protect your Bike from harsh elements too. This high-performance spray paint can stick with not only rusted but also clean surfaces. It fights against all the enamels alone.

Usually, with time paint fades away, but with Rust-Oleum High-Performance Enamel Spray, it will give a glossy look. And its color has the magic to attract anyone’s attention.

After spraying this color coat, it dries very fast with superior resistance to fading, chipping, abrasion, and dulling. Like other Rust-Oleum spray paint, this primer spray paint is also any angled design. It prepares the Bike for a durable coating, can reach challenging areas quickly, and completes the full project fastly. 

You can apply this 15-Ounce Primer on Wood, bare Metal, Concrete, and Masonry. Its coating will cover all types of the frame entirely.

It dries very quickly; in this matter, this spray is a step ahead of other Rust-Oleum. You can apply a top coat over the first coat after only 15 minutes. At this time, your bike frame will be ready to touch.

  • Protect from rough elements
  • Flexible for clean and rusty surfaces
  • Fast-drying, dry super fast less than in 15 minutes
  • Any angle color spray with comfort tip
  • Cover up 18-20 square feet with one spray bottle
  • Some users find the spray button damaged 

5. Krylon ColorMaster 

The 11 Ounce: Krylon ColorMaster Paint & Primer Brushed Metallic Spray Paint gives excellent metallic finishes. This is the Best Primer Included Bike Frame Paint.

You can use this Paint & Primer for both outdoor and indoor uses. Usually, people prefer this primer and paint spray color for the bike frame. It makes the bike frame excellent and glossy like a new one. But if you want it for other uses, you can trust it; it will give you the perfect matt finishing color.


WHY IS THIS A TOP PICK For best paint for bikes frames ?

This spray takes less than 10 minutes to dry, which means it will be ready to use in only 1 hour. Most paint takes a minimum of 15-20 minutes to dry or to ready for another coat, as we discussed earlier. In this case, it takes less than 10 minutes.

This spray features a 360 degrees EZ touch Dial Spray Tip. Its angle specs help people to paint comfortably. You won’t have to struggle to reach your Bike’s hardpoint or any area; you can quickly get anywhere with this any angle spray.

The durability of this paint is worth it; it gives smooth finishes. This color paint won’t fade away so soon. On a survey, users commented they painted their Bike with this spray, and it still looks like a new one like it was two years back.

It takes a maximum of 1 hour to dry on bare Metal, Wood, Aluminium, Wicker, Wrought Iron, Glass, Plaster, Ceramic, Paper, Fabric, and Paper Mache. So if you want to give another coat of paint or touch it, wait for 1 hour.

  • Give super smooth matt finishing to the bike frame
  • Dries in only 10-15 minute for further activity
  • Last longer ( more than two years)
  • Flexible for any uses, it’s perfect for use over plastic also
  • It comes with 360 degrees EZ touch Dial Spray
  • Some users complained- some places fried or bubbled up on the time of final touch up or re-spray

How to Paint Your Bike: Steps for the Perfect Custom Look with out Best Paint For Bikes Frames

With time the Bike starts looking pretty ragged, chipped, or old. But usually, no one would like to see their favorite ride in this situation. If you are one among them, I have an easy solution for you. Using coats of paint over your bike frames can give your bicycle a brand new glossy look. And you don’t have to hire someone professional with a hefty amount to do this job for you. Some simple tools and a little time from your schedule is enough to make your Bike polished and custom-made. 

Let’s paint your Bike by following some easy steps with us.

Start with stripping the Bike

The first step is to make the Bike ready to paint; how? 

Separate all the parts like Seat, Wheel, Derailleur, Chain, and other attached staff with the bike frame. In this part, you have to use some tools like Chain Tools, Allen Wrench, Crescent Wrench, Socket Wrench, etc. these tools are for easy removal of the bike parts.

ATTENTION !! The parts you are removing have to be put along like before after painting the bike frame, so keep in mind where you are removing and attaching it.


Prep the Bike- Clean it up.

Now the bike frame parts are all undressed; it’s time to clean them before painting. Before you add a thin layer of new paint, old paint removal is necessary. The best way to clean it is using alcohol, and after cleaning thoroughly, wipe it with a lint-free towel. 

Another option is cleaning with water. Water is a handy tool to clean, but you should be careful here. Sometimes moisture comes from a high-pressure hose that can damage the bearing systems (it’s susceptible). If you use water, use diluted washing/dishwashing soap or bike wash cleaner to clean the bike frame.

No matter what you use to clean the bike frame, the concern is- you have to clean it thoroughly. If the bike frame isn’t made of steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber, use light sanding. It will help the paint to stick with the bike frame perfectly. The good grit of sandpaper is 1000-1500; rub the edge to clean the dirt and grease. Don’t rub so much that it pulls off any material. 

Cover up 

The Bike is now ready to paint, the parts you don’t want to color cover with plastic bags or masking tape. Covering is an easy way to keep the details clean without removing them.

Select the Paint

There are many types of paint available in the market, but not all products are worth quality. If you are new, finding the best color is tough, but we have made it easy for you. Our top 5 spray paint recommendation list is there; you can choose one among them or wait to know more; we will discuss below and tell you about one bike frame color that seems best. Use out top pick from the best paint for bikes frames.

Or you can consider some things that we will tell you below and choose from the market by keeping in mind those.

Start Painting !!!

We are on the way to paint the crappy Bike and turn it back into an excellent bicycle. 

It’s the final step of painting; maybe you think you have to spray the color paint, and the work is done. Yes, it’s easy. Still, you need to know the exact process o f painting. Let’s know them. Just use out best paint for bikes frames picks.

Hang the entire bike frame with a rope with the head tube or mount it on a table. Hold the spray bottle in constant motion around 3-4 inches away from the bike frame you will spray. Make the spray bottle moving around the entire structure and cover the whole surface with paint. 

Maybe all the old paint won’t be covered with the first coat of paint, as it will be a thick layer, so you have to give more coats to cover it up. Don’t start giving the second coat just after the first one; wait at least 20-30 minutes and let it completely dry. Once it dried thoroughly, repeat the process and make sure to give another coat (thin) on the bike frame. 

You can repeat the process until your old paint is fully covered or you got your desired color. Again wait 20-30 minutes between every coat you spray. After the painting is over, wait a few hours and leave the bike frame to dry to give the final clear coat. It will protect your bicycle from rust and will make your painting shinier. You should apply at least three coats of clear coat for the best results and have to wait 20-30 minutes in between.

Now the painting process is complete and waits for 24 hours, after a limited time, you should remove the cover-up or masking tape you have used before. It’s time to reassemble the Bike like it was back. Put all the removable parts and join them. Your Bike has turned into a brand new one, and it’s all set for an enjoyable ride.

Mistakes you should avoid before painting a bike With Our Best Paint For Bikes Frames

Sometimes we make mistakes, that’s why we have to be careful before doing any task. Painting a bike frame isn’t a challenging task, but a tiny mistake can ruin it all. When you are new to painting, it’s obvious to make mistakes, so you should gain enough knowledge before you start painting. Let’s know about five common mistakes that you should avoid before painting your bike frame.

  • Use a high-quality brand; the general brand will leave the powder coat on the frame to give an uneven look.
  • Never experiment or combine one color spray with another brand spray; it will react badly.
  • Don’t repeatedly spray on the same area; it will create drip marks and Avoid touching the bike frame when it’s not thoroughly dried. 
  • Never paint when the weather is upper than 75 degrees; the ideal temperature is 55-65F
  • If you search for a “matte” finish or a “glossy” finish, check before you buy. If it has a glossy finish on the bottle, it will give the exact finish; the same goes for the matte finish. So choose one as per your taste.

What Kind of Paint Do I Use on a Bicycle?

These days many types of bicycle paints are available on the markets, but among them, I love the spray paint most. Which one? 

Rust-Oleum 7582838 Professional Primer Spray Paint is my favorite. 

I choose spray paint because it’s very reasonable, gives excellent coverage, and is mostly easy to apply with a comfort tip. I just sprayed the paint all over the bike frame, and it was beautifully painted; it’s so easy!!! And any angled feature helped me to cover any problematic areas of my Bike. Almost all Spray paint is resistant to chipping, fading, corrosion, and weather resistance.

Also, spray paint provides a durable protective coating, and it’s highly suitable for using any type of bicycle frame and any type of material. Another essential aspect I love about spray paint is, it dries quickly that too perfectly with full coverage.

What is the difference between a Normal Spray Paint and a Bike Frame Sprayable Paint?

There are substantially different paints, but ordinary sprayable paint and Bike sprayable paint are the most popular type of stain. And between these two types of paint, differences are there. Typically standard colors are not explicitly made for anything, which can be used in many fields. But there are differences in some areas, several spray paint are made for walls, and some colors are made for different surfaces.

In this case, the Bike frame is metallic; that’s why it will require unique materials paint, which will be with the attraction of the structure and protection. There are also many more differences between ordinary spray paint vs. sprayable bike paint.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Paint For Bike Frames 

Choosing the right paint for your bike frame is one-half of the painting process. 

There are many paint brands and several bicycle paint options available in the markets. With the help of these, you can easily paint your Bike. But to get excellent painting results, you have to choose the best bike frame paint. Because you never want to apply a color that starts fading or cracking a few days after spraying. While you are selecting the best bike frame paint, there are some other aspects that you must take in your mind. 

What are those things? 

Read below. We will share a few factors that must be considered when choosing the paint for your bike frames.

  • Paint Color

Pick a great color that is ideal for your bicycle. Paint color is the most important and first part of considering, and this part has to be considered very carefully. So make sure you choose the color of your choice in the right way. And then, follow the next steps.

  • Great Quality and Durability

The most crucial character of buying anything is its durability; in choosing a similar paint, you must also pay attention to the paint’s durability. Also, make sure that the color is corrosion, abrasion, and weather resistant. It should be easy to clean the dirt on the Bike without using water.

  • Low VOC or Odor Less

Usually, the odor in the paint is harmful to our health. When we apply the paint on any surface, it enters our body in many ways, then harms us. So in the field of choosing a color for your bike frame, you must try to select VOC Zero or harmful odorless paint.

  • Primer

Primer plays an instrumental role in getting great painting results and protecting your Bike’s frame from rust and various harmful things. Here you will need two thin primer coats when choosing paint. Apply primer to your bike frame before the final painting. It will increase the durability of your paint and give all the additional protection.

  • Others

The paint must be perfect and quick dry. If your paint dries faster without any crack, then it’s a sign your color is the best one. It should be durable, coating an oil-based formula, also suitable for using any material. It will be protected from harsh elements and must be resistant to chipping and fading.

I hope if you keep in mind these things while buying the paint for your bike frame or bicycle, you will be able to select the best one.

FAQ For Best Spray Paint For Bike Frame

Can you paint a bicycle frame?

Yes, you can paint your bicycle frame. Painting the old, crappy bicycle and giving it a brand new look is now possible with some easy steps.

  • Step 1- Separate the bike parts,
  • Step 2- Hang them,
  • Step 3- Tie them with the head tube and strip off all the old paint.
  • Step 4- Then take a grit paper and sand the bicycle frame.
  • Step 5- Clean it and apply a thin coat ( powder coat or primer) and leave it for hours to set.
  • Step 6- Now use two more coats and clean the residue from the bicycle frame carefully.
  • Step 7 – Repeat the process until you cover the old paint. 

How much does it cost to paint a bike frame?

There is no exact price we can tell you about painting a bike frame. Usually, it depends on the bike types. Each Bike is different from the others, and not all the products are the same. Such as there is a hell lot of difference between a mountain bike and a BMX bike. But if your Bike is a single standard bike, then it will cost a minimum of 200$, and if it’s a standard tandem, then the cost is upper than 300$.

What’s the best way to paint a bike?

The best way to paint a bike is using spray paint. Spray painting is simple and actionable. Without any experience in painting, you can win the race with spray paint. There are available spray paints on the market, but not all of them are worth quality. You can check out the Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Paint and choose your needed one.

How do you spray paint a bike frame?

Painting a bike frame with spray paint is an easy method. First, make the bike frame ready to paint, clean it properly, then cover the areas you don’t want to paint, and Hang the Bike or mount it with a table. Now hold the spray bottle at 2-4 inches away, move around the bike frame and spray it all over the Bike. Try to cover the bike frame and hide the old paint. Repeat the coating process until the Bike looks like a new one and all the crease is gone.

What kind of paint do you use on a bike frame?

It takes multiple layers of spray-painted enamel to achieve a high-quality finish — first, the rust-preventative primer; then the color coatings; and, last, the clear finish coat to add gloss. Spraying is more efficient in an auto body shop or a professional bicycle frame shop than it is in your home. Dupont Imron enamel is the paint of choice for bicycle frames because of its durability.

Which paint is best for bike painting?

Most bikers choose to use spray paint or airbrush paint to decorate their motorcycles. Both products are simple to use and can coat your bike in minutes.

How do you professionally paint a bicycle frame?

Make a Bike Frame Out of Paint
Step 1: Begin stripping the bike of its components. As a result, everything that is attached to the frame must be removed.
Step 2: Clear the Space. So you’ve got the bike frame in your possession…
Step 3: Lightly sand the surface.
Step 4: Fill in any gaps where you don’t want paint to show through….
Step 5: Let’s get painting!…
Step 6: Replace all of the components.

Can I just spray paint my bike?

Spray-painting a bicycle frame requires technical expertise if you want to get a finish that looks absolutely professional, is evenly applied, and is durable enough to last. We’ve seen some excellent-looking low-cost DIY projects, but it’s difficult to achieve a finish that properly showcases the quality of a valuable frame when doing it yourself.

How many cans of spray paint does it take to paint a bike?

Is it possible to paint an entire bike with a single can of paint? – One 400mL can of paint will cover a normal frame and fork without any issues provided you apply it with the right technique required for Spray. Bike. application.

Which color is best for bike?

A motorcycle in white is the safest color to ride. Due to its significant contrast with the surrounding things on the road, white is the most visible motorcycle color in terms of visibility on the road. However, white is the most apparent and safest color for a motorcycle, followed by other light hues such as cream, beige, and yellow.

Can I paint my bike with a brush?

Attempting to brush paint a full frame proved to be challenging, as it was tough to get into joints and even more difficult to sand those areas smooth if I put a layer that was excessively thick. However, when painting small complex areas with several faces, such as cable stops, brushing can be the most efficient method.

Should I clear coat my bike frame?

It’s best to apply a clear coat just after you’ve finished painting or powder coating a clean frame rather than before. In this case, the additional clear coat will serve to preserve the paint from further damage. If you’re considering about repainting an amazing bike, make sure to remove any prior damaged clear finish from the bike before you begin.

How much does it cost to repaint a bike?

How much does it cost to have your bike painted? Labor and materials are both included in the cost of having your bike repainted. As a result, you could earn anywhere from 75 to 290 dollars. However, if you use high-quality paint and hire a professional painter, you will almost certainly spend more than $150.

Do you have to sand a bike before painting?

Before you begin painting the frame, check to see that it is completely dry… If the surface is not made of raw aluminum, steel, or carbon, a moderate sanding will suffice to ensure that the paint has something to adhere to. Using 1,000 to 1,500-grit sandpaper, lightly rub the surface to texture it; you don’t want to remove any of the material from the surface altogether.

Can you paint a bike frame with an airbrush?

The airbrush technique is not just appropriate for the application of a single-color base coat. With the help of an airbrush, you may transform your bicycle into a true work of art. The bike frame may be customized with a limitless number of colors and airbrush stencils to produce a variety of stunning designs.

Can I use Hammerite on a bike frame?

Hammerite offers both smooth and hammered-look paints in their product line. You can achieve a respectable finish with them if you use them with care and competence.

Can you clearcoat over old paint?

If the hardener catalyst was used by the painter who initially painted the acrylic enamel on your car, you should have no difficulties clearcoating the vehicle. However, if no hardener was used, the paint will most likely lift whenever there is a chip or a paint line (such as around moldings or cut-off areas) because of the lack of hardener.

How do you paint a carbon bike?

Maintain a distance of 6 to 10 inches between the epoxy paint can and the frame of your bicycle. Spray the paint on in long, smooth strokes to ensure even coverage. Unless you are an expert in heat-sealing paint, you should avoid using any epoxy paint that requires heat to seal it properly. Appliance or automotive spray epoxy should be suitable for use on carbon fiber bicycles.

Final Verdict On Best Spray Paint For Bike Frame

We have done hours of research and brought together all the details we had about the best bike frame paint and informed you through our writing. 

The right bike painting tools, some simple effort, and the best paint for bike frames will get you excellent painting results. That’s why you need to select the right painting that will give your old bike frame a new beautiful look. We have told you about the five best bike frame paints, all of them are high quality, worth product. 

If you asked me which one would be best for you, I can’t give you an exact answer, as I don’t know what kind of bike frame paint you need. But I have explained beautifully which one is best for which reason and hope you will get a perfect match for your bike frame if you give a close look. But mostly, I would like to recommend the Rust-Oleum 7582838 Professional Primer Spray Paint. 

I have used this spray paint for my bike frame; it gives full coverage, lasts longer, and gives a shiny look. And it’s suitable for all kinds of surfaces. So if you cannot understand which one to choose, you can give it a try to this spray paint, hope you will find the excellent color of your choice and be satisfied with our list of best paint for bikes frames. 

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