7 Best Mountain Bikes for Wheelies [Reviewed] 2021

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Are you also one of those people who keep watching wheelie stunt videos on YouTube and regret not having a unique bike to do the same? Well, whether you are young or an older kid, I can relate to your fascination for wheelies as I also used to have the same thrilling excitement once I learned to ride!

You know it well that a regular bike is never meant to be made for a cycling stunt like this; you need something super sturdier, just like mountain bikes. This review about the 7 best mountain bikes for wheelies might help you choose the right one for your ultimate stunt experiences.

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Diamondback Full Suspension Mountain Bike


7 Best Mountain Bikes for Wheelies Review

Mountain bikes are well known for their durable build quality, off-road biking support, and outstanding balance while doing stunts. Pick your one wisely!

1. Mongoose Status Mountain Bike

This unisex mountain bike from Mongoose is an absolute stunner that can provide you ultimate riding experience once you hop on it. The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a mountain bike for wheelies is building quality.

To do a wheelie, you need to lift the front wheel in the air, and when it drops down, there is an initial shock in your bike’s whole front part. So, it’s evident that the build material must be strong and sturdy.

To make it a super shock absorbing runner, there comes an MTB aluminum body frame, rear shock, and super suspension front fork. It is also packed with a hydroformed tubing system so that you don’t have to worry about your bike’s inner tubes while performing wheelies and roughly land on the ground.

It has a Shimano 21 speed derailleur and twist shifters of SRAM for your convenience of riding smooth. Based on your trail’s surface, you can change your gear swiftly according to your need quickly. The body frame and the tire rims are also alloys made for a lightweight and long-lasting experience all the way.

Talking about its braking system, it is equipped with rear and front V-brakes to ensure your pleasant experience with the brakes for quick stops whenever needed. With two color variations, black and red, this riding beauty is suitable for Height people from 74 to 64 inches. From its build quality to its speed, braking system, and even reasonable balance control make it our top pick for your wheelie stunts.


  • The aluminum frame makes it durable to perform wheelies
  •  Shimano 21 speed derailleur helps to change gear swiftly
  •  Rear and front V- brakes ensure quick stops as required
  • Not that easy to assemble
  • Build quality is comparatively lower than other options

2. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

Are you looking for a mountain bike that can handle any terrains and trails when you hit the road for performing wheelies? Well, then welcome our next mountain bike from Schwinn, an ideal choice for both young and adults due to its 20-inch wheel size.

According to most wheelie experts, it’s much easier to do wheelies on shorter and lighter wheel bikes than bigger ones. So, in this mountain bike, you have this pretty advantage of performing wheelies efficiently as it’s a shorter version than other available options.

To provide you a durable experience for years, it has two variants in body frame- steel and aluminum. Steel made variants might feel heavier, but it lasts longer, on the other hand, an aluminum frame is a lightweight option with decent extended-lasting capacity. So, it’s up to you to decide which one suits your requirement.

Now, let’s divert your attention to its gearing system, where the crank is made of alloy to give you a steady gearing experience along with fewer worries about maintenance. Moreover, the wheel rims are also alloy made so that you have lightweight expertise in this part of your mountain bike.

Though the tires might seem shorter when it comes to speed, this wheelie bike won’t disappoint you. Coming with 7-21 speed options, you can change your speed depending on the surface need. When you practice wheelies, its linear-pull braking system ensures your total safety and comfort for an ultimate experience.


  • Lightweight, ideal for young and adults both
  • Steel made frame provides extended-lasting capacity
  • 7-21 speed options help to change gears swiftly when needed
  • Not ideal for taller people

3. Kent Hawkeye Mountain Bike

Get ready to go through a fantastic wheelie performance with this mountain bike from Kent Hawkeye. This 18.5-inch frame bike is made of aluminum to give you a lightweight experience on different terrains and trails. No matter how forcefully you hit the ground after every wheelie, the front aluminum suspension is there to take all the burden.

Coming with 29-inch alloy rims with dual walls, they make your acceleration much more manageable and even your wheelies comfortable. Compared to steel rims, alloy ones are lighter, and this same feature helps lift the front wheel easily for wheelies.

Change your speed conveniently from 7 to 21 with its Shimano 7 speed system and speed shifters of rapid-fire. Moreover, rear and front derailleurs keep the motion smooth while working in sync with 21-speed shifters.

Compared to the previous two options, this wheelie bike goes ahead in terms of the braking system. This mountain bike comes with mechanical disk brakes from the rear and front to ensure you have desired stops right the moment you need them.

When you think of controlling your handlebar while doing wheelies, it’s evident that a strong handlebar with the right balance makes your task a lot safer and more comfortable. This bike is equipped with a 31.8-inch alloy stem and handlebar for such convenience while you perform wheelies.

Due to its bigger wheel size, it’s more suitable for Height between 6.2″ to 5.7″. If you are looking for a comparatively bigger, lighter, durable option for wheelies, then this mountain bike from Kent Hawkeye can be your pick.


  • The aluminum frame makes it lightweight and durable
  • Value for money option, cheaper than other alternatives
  • Mechanical disk brakes ensure a safe and smooth riding experience
  • The braking system and the wheels are not well built

4. Mongoose Mech Mountain Bike

We are again coming back with a mountain bike from the same brand Mongoose that manufactures unique bikes designed for wheelies. This Mech mountain bike can meet your wheelie thirst pretty well with its aluminum frame, as the build material makes the weight lighter to lift the front wheel easily.

To provide you a durable experience for years, it also comes with a robust hydro tubing system so that every shock is absorbed with care when you hit the ground after a wheelie. Moreover, for your smooth landing on the different trails’ surfaces, there comes a super suspension fork, so you don’t have to worry about harsh reactions.

Shift your speed gear conveniently with its 21-speed options, where Shimano back derailleur makes it much easier for you to control. Try making your wheelies perfect on different terrains with the help of back and front V-brakes with a linear-pull style that helps you to stop right the moment you want.

26-inch wheels are ideal for most users, and this wheelie bike offers you the same. Additionally, the alloy rims make the whole front weight lighter for you to perform wheelies with ease. Meanwhile, having reasonable control over your bike is a must for wheelies, and a strong handlebar with a stem ensures that control.

This bike from Mongoose comes with a sturdy riser handlebar that gives you reasonable control on your bike so that you don’t have to worry about falling accidentally. Mongoose Mech is a top pick in mountain bikes due to its lightweight build quality, good acceleration, speed, and braking system.


  • Aluminum frame and alloy wheel rims make it a lightweight option
  • Shimano’s back derailleur and 21-speed choice make speed shifting convenient
  • V-brakes ensure quick stops wherever needed
  •  Not easy to assemble

5. Diamondback Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Diamondback is one of the most famous mountain bike brands available in the market that offers you excellent performance and outlook at the same time. This absolute beauty will attract any biker with its first look, coming in two color variants- mint gloss and dark gray.

From its name, you can easily assume that this bike’s manufacturer has concentrated much on its suspension system to provide you an ultimate experience of riding and doing stunts like wheelies.

Coming with an efficient level link design and hydroformed rigid aluminum frame, it ensures super suspension comfort and longevity for years. The rear suspension has been combined effectively with Shimano disc brakes so that you can have the best experiences while landing after wheelies.

A shorter chainstay means excellent support for wheelies, this one from Diamondback is a smaller bike ensuring such support for performing your stunts efficiently. To make your ride smooth and shock-free, the rear shock is designed with DPS EVOL LV through fox float. Moreover, you can go even tubeless with its 28R Blanchard wheels.

When it comes to speed and gear systems’ convenience, you will be amazed to discover Shimano drivetrain SLX components from 10 to 51-speed options along with cranks. This whole package of speed and gear allows you to enjoy plenty of options so that you can perform wheelies on various terrains and trails efficiently.

To add more to its comfort area, the remote lever of KS southpaw, KS dropper, fox 36 forks, grip and travel damper, and much more. Whether you are looking for a shiny, eye-catching bike like a diamond or a top-notch performance for wheelies, Diamondback got it all for you.  


  • Top-notch build quality, lightweight body
  • Full suspension facility for ultimate comfort
  • Excellent front and back disk brake system
  • The chain guide is not easy to understand

6. Diamondback Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike

Quality always speaks louder than anything else, and that’s the reason, fascination for Diamondback mountain bikes never gets old. This override hardtail mountain bike is specially designed for those who love to ride and do stunts against hard and rough terrains and trails.

To provide you a durable company for years, it comes with an aluminum alloy frame that can survive well out in the wild. This frame material also ensures a lightweight experience which is pretty much needed for performing wheelies.

This wheelie bicycle has XCT 27 Coil Spring SR Suntour suspension fork that can save your day from fatigue and offer you a comfortable journey with ease. Due to this suspension fork, you will have better control over your bike, and thus wheelies will be performed in a much safer way.

To add more to its balance mechanism, there comes a butted custom formed tubing system that will give you great control over the bike in terms of its weight and strength. However, the 3×8 Shimano drivetrain comes with 24-speed options and XCT cranks for your convenience of shifting the speed gear as you require.

When it comes to stopping your bicycle for wheelie practices and having significant control on hard and rough trails, the brakes must work in harmony. In this mountain bike, you will find mechanical disk brakes with 160 mm rotors that can make you stop the moment you press them.

This ready-to-ride hardtail mountain bike is packed with 27.5 inches wheels which is quite suitable for average medium heights. If you are between 5.7″ to 5.10″, this wheelie bike is ideal for you. All these dominant features make it one of the best bikes for wheelies.


  • Lightweight, durable build quality
  • Ø Front suspension fork ensures safety and comfort
  • Made to have outstanding balance and control over the bike
  • The pedal position might seem uncomfortable for some riders

7. Schwinn Bonafide Mens Mountain Bike

We end this review list with another bike from Schwinn, the same brand we previously came up with. This wheelie bike is specially designed for men as you can assume it easily from its name, and that’s why the size of this bike is quite more significant than other alternatives.

Coming with 29 inches wheels, this mountain bike is not as light as its other counterparts. But, the aluminum frame and top-quality alloy-made dual-wall rims make it a durable and comfortable wheelie bike that can support you for years. Moreover, 2.25 inch wide tires are also following the same path as they can handle any rough and challenging trail.

When it comes to a suspension fork, Schwinn offers a powerful one that can take away all the thumbs and bumps you might face on any terrain. This will make you enjoy a smooth, fun ride along with safe wheelie experiences every time you go out with this mountain bike.

Change your speed gear easily with its Shimano 24 speed options and trigger shifters associated with Shimano front and back derailleurs. No matter how challenging the terrain or trails is, have great control over your speed to change it according to your need for this mountain bike’s same feature.

Get your wheelie done and stop right the moment you want with its mechanical front and back disk brakes. This makes your stopping smooth and risk-free on any trail you perform wheelies. Adding more to your steady gearing includes alloy-made cranks not to have to worry about pesky maintenance.


  • Durable build quality
  • Mechanical disk brakes make your stoppings easy and smooth
  • Shimano speed gear and derailleurs ensure a steady ride
  • Not suitable for people with smaller heights

We are done with our review part; now it’s time to answer the questions related to the buyer’s guide that might be ongoing back in your head.


What do you mean By “Mountain Bike?”

Ans. A mountain bike is an off-road bike that you ride on irregular terrains and trails. These bikes are specially designed for those who love off-road riding and do stunts around mini hills and mountains for adventurous fun.


What is the difference between a road bike and a Mountain bike?

Ans. When you look at a mountain bike, it might seem quite similar to a regular standard road bike. But, in terms of balance, endurance, speed, and technical support, mountain bikes are far better than regular ones.

Where most regular bikes will fail to support you on various surfaces, mountain bikes will always be there as your riding partner on any trail or terrain.

A mountain bike is usually slower and comparatively harder to pedal than regular cycles. Because they are made to give the right balance and durability, not high speed. And to ensure the required features for off-road riding, they are often made with sturdy materials that make them heavier than road bikes.

You can enjoy riding a mountain bike on uneven lands and do your desirable stunts with ease which is quite difficult to even think about with a regular road bike.


How to get the correct mountain bike size?

Ans. Getting the right size mountain bike is the most crucial factor while you hit the market to invest your valuable bucks. Whether you love off-road biking or making stunts, if your bike is shorter or taller than your required size, then it’s not worth spending your money.

Based on your body height, you can get the correct size mountain bike quickly. Here we are giving you a size chart from which you can smartly choose the right size for you. 

Biker’s Height (in inch)Biker’s height (in cm)Size of frame (in inch)Size of frame (in cm)
4′ 10″ – 5′ 2″148-158 cm13″-14″33-37 cm
5′ 3″ – 5′ 6″159-168 cm15″-16″38-42 cm
5′ 7″ – 5′ 10″169-178 cm17″-18″43-47 cm
5′ 11″ – 6′ 1″179-185 cm19″-20″48-52 cm
6′ 2″ – 6′ 4″186-193 cm21″-22″53-57 cm
6′ 4″ +194 cm+23″+58 cm+

Before you hit the market to buy your desired mountain bike, make sure you follow the size chart to select the right size for you.


What to expect from a cheap mountain bike for less than $300?

Ans. To purchase a decent quality mountain bike, you might need to spend at least 1500$. But, if your budget is tight and you still don’t want to miss the adventure of off-road riding, then you can get a low-budget mountain bike for 300$.

It’s pretty much evident that you won’t get top-notch build quality and even riding smoothness in an MTB that is less than 300$. You can barely expect a long-lasting body, proper balance, and comfy riding experience from a cheap range bike like this.

You can get a stylish look and overall decent performance for a while, but the parts will disappoint you in the long run as they won’t last long. As well as, you might discover, it’s getting hard to hit different trails and terrains with the time, and it won’t be fun anymore.

So, if you are willing to buy a mountain bike, it’s better to invest a little more for a decent, long-lasting performance. Otherwise, it’s better to invest in a regular bike and enjoy regular road biking.


Should I avoid cheaper mountain bikes and invest in a better quality mountain bike?

Ans. Depending on your budget and requirement, you need to decide whether you should buy a cheaper mountain bike or an expensive one. It wouldn’t be a wise decision to spend your money on a cheap range mountain bike if you want to ride on off-road different trails or terrains.

As well as, you won’t get much durable company from your MTB if it’s a low-budget bike, which is pretty obvious. So, it’s better to invest in a better quality bike if you want to have off-road riding fun and if you want it to survive in the long run with its top-notch service.

However, if you don’t intend for regular biking and have no interest in off-road riding, investing your valuable bucks for an expensive one wouldn’t be the right decision. In that case, you better buy a cheaper range MTB bike so that it doesn’t make your invested money seem worthless, as you ride it once in a while.


What tires will my mountain bike come with?

Ans. Depending on your bike’s brand and price range, you will get specific tires with your bicycle. Several well-known tire brands are available in the market, such as Vittoria Mezcal, Bontrager XR4 Team Issue, Maxxis Ardent EXO/TR, Schwalbe Magic Mary, Maxxis Dissector, Hutchinson Griffus Racing Lab, Specialized Butcher Grid, WTB Vigilante, etc.

Your bike will most probably come with any of those brand’s tires for a long-lasting company. When it comes to tire size, you can tire of 20-29 inches wheel size based on your height adjustment. According to experts, 26″-29″ wheels are the most appropriate for most heavy riders and bikes.

When it comes to width, trail mountain bikes come with tires from 2.25- 2.4 inches width range. On the other hand, downhill bikes have a bit more thickness than the 2.5 inches width range. So, based on your requirement and brand choice, your bike will come with specific tires.


Should I buy a Mountain bike with rim or disc brakes?

Ans. As mountain bikes are usually ridden on off-road trails and terrains, they get easily exposed to messy mud and sand, which require a more effective braking system. When the rotor is filled with dirt, rim brakes don’t work well in such cases.

Disc brakes are mostly known for their practical and consistent performance on off-road trails and terrains. Compared to rim brakes, disc brakes have thinner pads and smaller rotors which help to bite quicker, and you get more braking power at the initial stage of braking.

Though disc brakes will cost more than rim ones, it’s better to go with the first one for off-road biking, convenient support, safety, and long-lasting experience. So, when you buy a mountain bike, it’s a wise decision to go with disk brakes.


What are some top low-end mountain bike brands?

Ans. The market is flooded with brand options when you look for mountain bikes. Some are well known for making expensive and high-end MTB bikes, and on the other hand, some brands are famous for producing low-end ones. However, the low end doesn’t necessarily mean bad quality or service.

Low-end mountain bikes are made for those who have a tight budget but still have a passion for off-road biking. Several brands manufacture top-notch low-end mountain bikes that can even change your perception about low-range MTB bikes.

Some well-known low-end MTB bike brands are- Titan, Yeogned, Roadmaster, Schwinn, Diamondback, Mongoose, Merax Finiss, Royce Union, etc. Most of these brands produce bikes within 500$, and some of them are even manufacturing MTB bikes within the 300$ price range.


What makes these mountain bikes the best value for money?

Ans. Several factors make MTB bikes the best value for money. First of all, the build quality of a mountain bike matters the most. If your MTB bike comes with a durable frame yet weighs lighter than expected, then indeed, it’s a plus point. The full suspension system is another striking point when you consider an option as the best value for money.

If your bikes come with mechanical disc brakes within a limited budget, then it’s also a great advantage to have. The body parts and the high acceleration capacity, smooth speed gearing options also make a mountain bike the best value for money.


Things to consider before buying the best mountain bikes?

Ans. Before you hit the market to invest your valuable bucks to buy your desired mountain bike, there are several things to consider.


Build Quality

The very first thing you should consider while buying a mountain bike is its build quality. An MTB bike is not something you buy every next year. And, it’s not like a regular bike in terms of its price and maintenance as well. So, buying a stylish mountain bike that doesn’t offer you decent build quality would be a wrong go.

If you invest your money on a mountain bike, make sure it comes with durable build material that will last long. In most cases, top low-end mountain bikes offer you aluminum frames and alloy rims to make them durable and lightweight at the same time.

On the other hand, some brands come with steel-made frames, which have more longevity than aluminum ones. But due to their heaviness, most people prefer aluminum-made bikes. As you will be buying a mountain bike for an off-road adventure, it’s better not to compromise with the build quality.


Speed Gearing System

Most people buy mountain bikes for adventurous off-road rides on uneven trails and terrains where speed options and the gearing system must go in harmony. If you are buying a mountain bike for stunts or thrilling rides, then having a smooth gearing system and multiple speed options is a must.

Most of the brands offer Shimano front or back derailleur and sometimes even both, along with speed options up to 24. So, make sure you are buying the one that offers smooth speed shifters for better performance overall.


Suspension Fork

If you are a stunt lover and want to perform them regularly, you just need a mountain bike that offers you a quality suspension fork. Some bikes come with only front suspension, and some others have full suspension systems for your convenience.

Those who offer you a full suspension system also come with a higher price range, but it is worth your money for a better shock-absorbing capacity. Even if your bike only has a front suspension fork, make sure it’s too good to offer you a smooth and safe landing every time you hit the ground after your stunts or rough biking.


Braking System

Another essential thing to consider while buying a mountain bike is its braking system. In most cases, brands come with either rim brakes or disc brakes. Rim brakes are cost-effective but not quite suitable for MTB bikes as they can’t perform consistently while getting exposed to dirt and mud in the long run. 

Mechanical disk brakes perform well in rough biking, and they provide much safety support when you press them while doing stunts like wheelies. Though disk brakes will cost you more still, it does worth your money for a smooth, long-lasting performance.

Ensure you are considering the type of your brakes because it’s a crucial point where you shouldn’t compromise.



It’s pretty much evident that size matters. Based on your Height, you need to choose the wheel size not to have to struggle to ride it comfortably. Sometimes, it’s a better choice to pick a smaller bike than your size if you want to perform stunts with your bike.

No matter what size you prefer, make sure it has the right balance with your body so that you can ride on it comfortably. 


Other than these prominent factors, price is also an important point to consider. Whether you will buy a high-end mountain bike, medium or low-end one, make sure your money is invested in the best value for money one.


How to do an assembly to your mountain bike?

Ans. Most bikes are easy to assemble on your own, without taking any professional help. You just need to follow the following steps to make your bike by yourself-

  •  First of all, after receiving your bike, prepare the necessary things to assemble, such as a knife, Allen wrenches, Torx wrenches, scissors or clippers, center lock tool, etc.
  •  Open the box with a knife and then remove the lid.
  •  After removing the lid, detach different parts of the bike separately.
  • Then, you need to disconnect all secured parts such as the seat post, accessory bag, and handlebars, etc.
  •  Now, you have to remove all the padding from the fork, frame, crank arms, handlebars, derailleurs, etc.
  • The next thing you need to do is to install the seat post on its tube. In regards to your torque spec, tighten the seat clamp.
  • For an easier assembly, try to secure your bike on its stand.
  • Then, try to connect the threads of your derailleur to mount it to its hanger.
  •  Try to tighten the derailleur until the hanger goes down to your B screw and its tab.
  •  Now, place your handlebars in their marked place and tighten them.
  •  Then, try to install other accessories one by one, such as- fenders, bottle cages, GPS, lights, etc.
  •  Now, it’s time to install brake rotors on hubs ensuring proper direction. Don’t forget to tighten them as required.
  •  Are you done with the above all? Now, place your wheels on the bike’s frame and make them secure with skewers and thru-axles.
  • Forgot about pedals? Well, now install the pedals on their crank arms and tighten them.
  • Once you are done securing your crank arms, spin them with the back wheel and check if the gears are working well. Do adjust if you think it’s necessary.
  • You are almost done. Check if every joint bolt is tightened and secured correctly.
  • Finally, it’s time to have a test drive and make sure everything is in harmony. Make adjustments if needed.



Can you do wheelies on a mountain bike? Is it bad?

Ans. Yes, you can do wheelies on mountain bikes, and most of them are designed to support such stunts. But, not all mountain bikes can bear repeated shocks after each fall. Some bikes will last longer in this case, and some others might fail to sustain in the long run.

Wheelies are bad for your bike as they can damage your wheels and suspension due to continuous falls. If you want to buy a mountain bike, mostly to do stunts like wheelies, then make sure it is dedicatedly designed for this purpose.

What type of bike is easiest to wheelie?

Ans. Mountain bikes are the easiest ones to do wheelies. MTB bikes are mostly manufactured for off-road riding and stunt-making adventures. A mountain bike has built-in shock-absorbing features that not any other type of bike can offer. So, if you want to do wheelies easily, then you better buy a mountain bike.

What is a wheelie bike?

Ans. A wheelie bike is a form of the cycle that is specially designed to perform wheelies. In most cases, mountain bikes often come with such features for wheelies, and that’s why they are also called wheelie bikes. A wheelie bike is lightweight and has supportive wheelie features so that you can easily lift the front wheel in the air for a while.

Are BMX bikes good for wheelies?

Ans. Yes, BMX bikes are suitable for wheelies because they are smaller and lightweight, making it easier to lift the front wheel. There are many kinds of BMX bikes. But BMX bikes are more ideal for wheelies on smooth surfaces. (We have covered a comparison between BMX bikes and mountain bikes)

 Is it very difficult to paint a mountain bike at home?

Ans. No, absolutely not. You can easily paint your bike by following some very easy and simple steps. We have covered a vast article for you to teach the steps of painting a bike and choosing the right paint for your bike.

How to do a wheelie on a bike for beginners?

Ans. If you are a beginner and want to learn how to do wheelie as a beginner, then follow these simple steps-

  •  Try to set a low or medium gear when you are rolling on it.
  •  You need to crouch the upper part of your body so that your weight depends on the handlebars.
  •  Now, you need to turn your bike’s cranks in an 11.00 position.
  • This point is crucial, now pull the handlebars up and keep pedaling down at the same time. You might feel scared at times, but keep trying.
  • Sometimes you need to lean back right the moment you do it, just like a rocking chair.

Try to go through the whole process little by little; you will learn to do wheelies and become an expert one day!


Picking the Best Road Bikes for You 

Life is monotonous when it is all about responsibilities and stress. We need adventure and thrilling fun to keep our souls alive. One of the most exciting ways to have such adventurous fun is to do stunts on mountain bikes for many cycling enthusiasts.

Performing wheelies on a mountain bike is a matter of pride and happiness for many stunt lovers like you. Our whole review article about the 7 best mountain bikes for wheelies was full of comparative discussions, analysis, suggestions, and directions so that you can pick up the best one that suits your requirements the most.

If you want to do wheelies on your mountain bike, make sure it comes with durable build quality. It should also have a shock-absorbing super suspension fork, disc brakes, Shimano speed gearing system, and comfortable size, which goes with your body height in proportion.

Diamondback, Schwinn, Mongoose, all these brands offer top low-end MTB bikes for your comfort when your budget is tight. If you can invest a little more, then you can go with their pricy version up in the line as well. We hope you find this article helpful enough to make your decision to buy your desired MTB bike.

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