3 Best BMX Tires For Dirt Reviews In 2022 With Buying Guide

Our Top 3 Pick For Best BMX Tires For Dirt




  • Easy to install

  • Durable Design

  • Good Traction

  • Best Grip With Dirt

  • Great stopping power.

  • Installation is simple.

  • Quality Build

  • Very affordable

  • Less weight

Best BMX Tires For Dirt– Have you been having a hard time finding a BMX dirt tire that is both smooth and durable?

The truth is, you’re not for buying alone.

Many different things happen to the tires of BMX bikes than there are on-road or off-road. BMX tires are different from tires for other bikes, so they need a different way to choose.

This means that the BMX tire must not be buttoned like the tire on a mountain bike because this can make it hard to perform twists and turns on the bike smoothly.

Unique needs make it hard to find the right BMX bicycle tires. To come up with this list of best dirt jumping tires for BMX, we looked at hundreds of BMX dirt tires. These are the best BMX tires on the market right now for dirt. This list and this guide to buying dirt BMX tires will help you choose the right tire for your BMX.

(Do you know a dirt tire is different from other tires? See this Wikipedia explanation of why off-road tires are different)

Top 5 Best BMX Tires For Dirt In-Depth Review

1. Kenda K-Rad BMX Dirt Tire For Jumping (Best Dirt Jump Tires 26 Inch)


Kenda has some good tires for your BMX bike that can be used on the dirt. The excellent black colour with some blue makes these tires look stylish and classy.

Skinny tires with inverted treads and a knurled tread surface make them very low-profile while riding and keep them from skidding.

But here’s the deal.

Make sharp turns with ease because you’ll have the best grip on the road. Also, the tires have a wide bead and are made of SRC. I like how the K-rad tread looks.

Overall, the tire is suitable for long-term use and has low rolling resistance.

  • In other words, the rolling resistance is low.
  • Strong and durable
  • Good traction on the ground
  • The surface has a low height.
  • Not the best on snow.

2. Maxxis Holy Roller 20 inch BMX Urban Tire For Dirt (Best Dirt Jump Tyres)

Maxxis Holy Roller BMX Urban Tire

MAXXIS dirt jump tyres have an excellent 20-inch BMX Dirt tyre for you. This tyre is suitable for quality and grip on the dirt. A black tyre makes the bike look more low-key, which we all want.

The tyre has a folding bead that makes it easier to move and move around. There are also many grips when you’re riding on mud, and the tyre will easily make sharp turns without any problems.

Many people like this tire, and it’s also very cheap. Also, it has the best BMX tire width.

People can hear nothing while they ride because the tires aren’t noisy. The metallic rims are also solid and long-lasting, making for a long and comfortable ride.

All in all, you should put this item in your shopping cart right now.

  • All-black and low-profile: Folding bead shape
  • Durable and light:
  • Handle with care:
  • No more than 35 PSI.

3. Kenda Comp III 20-Inch BMX Tire For Dirt

Kenda Comp III Style BMX Wire Bead Bicycle Tire, Blackwall, 20-Inch x 1.75-Inch

Are you looking for dirt tires with a lot of space between them? These tires are very good at getting the job done.

The Kenda is good at BMX, dirt jumps, and street shedding. You can trust it to do well. This tire is made with a long-lasting compound called MPC. This means that this tire can be used on any mud surface.

For dirt riding, these tires are great.

With all the five stars, you can’t go wrong.

  • densely packed All-black look with a shallow profile
  • Durable and light:
  • Handle with care:
  • It may be a little pricey.

Best BMX Urban Tire Buyers Guide

BMX bikes are used for heavy-duty stunt riding. They have 20-inch wheels and wide tires to do the best tricks. The bike is small, making it very agile and able to jump.

But I’m sure you already know this, and you want to get to the fun part, the upgrades!

It would be best if you found a tire that fits your riding style the best, whether you’re a freestyle rider or a stunt rider. It’s all good to find a good tire, but it’s useless if it doesn’t work for you.

When there are so many things to check, it can be very time-consuming and sometimes even challenging. We’ve all been there, too.

But the PSI and whether it will fit on your wheels are the two most important things to check. Also, the grip and tread are essential because they will help you choose based on your riding style.

But in this guide, we’ll work together. First, let’s go over things you should check before you buy.

Tip 1- Know about while you need to change your bike tire.

Things to consider while buying best bmx tires for dirt jumping?


The grip is the essential thing for BMX dirt tires. As a result, your tires will slip and put you in hazardous situations. If you don’t have a good grip, your tires will drop, and you will be in dangerous situations. When buying dirt tires for your BMX bike, look for tires with a good grip rating. The tire also has little rubber spikes and patterns that help it stay on the ground.

Low resistance means that you will not have to work very hard to balance.

Your goal is to have the least amount of resistance when riding your BMX bike. Riding resistance is something you will have to deal with, but some tires do a great job of cutting it down to a crawl. If you want to ride your bike smoothly, look for tires that have been certified for low riding resistance. This will make your bike rides more enjoyable and smoother.

Good pressure rating 

You’ll find a lot of tires that say they have good pressure ratings, like up to 65psi, but be careful because not all of them will live up to what they say. There are more chances that your tire will be able to handle high pressures if it has a high-pressure rating. This will also make the tire more durable.

Rims say a lot about a tire. Good rims can be your best friend when you’re in a bad situation. They can look good, but they can also be solid and last for a long time. They give your bike and the rubber tires that are on it a lot of structural strength.

Street tires should be made of high-quality rubber, just like they’re better at reducing the damage caused by wear and tear.

Difference Between Dirt vs Street tires

Tires for different types of riding are often made in different ways. You’ll need a lot more grip with mountain bike tires, especially on rocky or unknown terrain, so the tires are nobly to get the best grip and traction.

Like gravel bike tires, they need to have a lot of grips when used for off-road rides. Gravel bike tires also need to be puncture-resistant when they’re on roads and terrains that aren’t always clear.

Road bikes have tires that are much thinner and have minimal tread so that you can go faster. They are also very light to cut down on air resistance and give you the best performance.

But what’s the big deal?

Road tires and BMX tires are very similar. On the other hand, BMX tires are much more durable because they are used on the street and the pavement.

Different BMX tires have extra treads so that you can get the most out of your tricks and stunts.

FAQ On Best BMX Dirt Tire

What size tire is best for BMX Dirt Jumping?

1.75 inches is the best tire size for BMX dirt jumper bikes.

It’s up to you. Both of the tires are very thin. 1.75-inch wide tires will give you a better grip. You also get traction without having to deal with any resistance to keep your speed up.

What is BMX dirt?

There are many different types of dirt jumping. BMX and mountain bike racing are both examples. The rider jumps off mounds of dirt and usually does a trick in the air in between. BMX bikes can be used to do dirt jumping.

Can you ride BMX on dirt jumps?

The BMX can do dirt jumps. If you ride a BMX, you can do dirt jumps. Most likely, you won’t be able to get as high as you would with a dirt jumper. The shape of a dirt jumper makes it easier to ride faster so that you can jump higher and land better.

Are BMX bikes dirt bikes?

They were copies of motocross motorcycles, and they were made to race over jumps and around berms in the dirt. Every kid had one, whether or not they were a racer, and soon they were all over. There are still BMX bikes that are meant to be raced, but you don’t have to race to enjoy their lightweight, speed, and ability to go through the dirt.

Does BMX tire width matter?

Having wider tires gives you more control and balance when you’re on a bike.

How often should I pump my bike tires?

Once a week or once a month? That depends on how big your tires are and how much pressure they need to be filled up with. To keep high-pressure tires in good shape, they need to be checked at least once a week. The same goes for hybrid and mountain tires. They should be checked every two weeks.

What do BAR and PSI Mean on BMX Tires?

As an option, you can choose BAR, which stands for bars of pressure. At sea level, one BAR is the pressure of the air. 14.7 PSI is the same as one BAR.
One bar of pressure in your bike tires is the same as having the same force in the Earth’s air.

Final Verdict

People worldwide love BMX Dirt jumping, and they are very excited about it. Always searching for the best BMX tires for dirt. It is vital to have a good set of dirt tires to have a good jumping experience.

People who made the things we looked at today gave us the best grip and the least amount of resistance that they could. The colours were different for each person. Some had funky colours to choose from, and some had beads that could be folded up. In general, all tires are high-quality. They also last a long time.

No matter which one you choose, you’ll have a great time.

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