8 Best BMX Grips For Sweaty Hands Review In 2022

Are you looking for the Best BMX grips for sweaty hands? If you’re ready to make your BMX biking experience even better, then you’re in the right place.

There are many different types of BMX grips out there, but which ones are the best BMX handlebar grips? How do you choose the right one for your needs? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each option.

Let’s find out the best BMX grips for your sweaty palms!

Top 3 Picks For Best BMX Grips For Sweaty Hands-




  • Very affordable

  • Easy to install

  • Come in a variety of colors

  • Soft with an excellent grip

  • Come in multiple colors

  •  Easy to install Made in America

  • Slim and lightweight

  • Easy to install

  • Come in a variety of colors

Top 8 Best BMX Grips For Sweaty Hands

1. ODI Cult X Vans BMX Waffle Grips

Vans x Cult Flangeless Bike Grips (Black, Gum, White)

People who make BMX grips are called “ODI.” When Vans thought it was time for an amazing grip, they went straight to ODI. This is a picture of the Vans waffle flange-free grips. The ones in the picture are gum flavours, but they make a lot of different colours.

When this grip came out, it became very popular very quickly. The fact that it had a well-known brand name helped, but the clever way it used the design from the Vans shoes as the pattern on the grips caught the attention of many people. The grip is made of soft rubber. To keep the grip soft on the hands, because the pattern isn’t very squishy,

The waffle grips are 10cm long, but this isn’t very important because they were just made to the standard length. It is clear from the picture that the grips come with a Cult black bar end plug.

BMX riders started to buy the grips after they took the market by storm and everyone else did, too. Vans and ODI started making flanged and lock on waffle grips. Look at the pictures below if you want to learn more about the subject.

  • It has a unique pattern
  • the grips are made from soft rubber
  • it’s comfortable to use
  • the grip is easy to install
  • the grip is made from high-quality material
  • it fits a lot of different bikes
  • No cons found

2. ODI Longneck Bike Grips

ODI Soft Flangeless Longneck Grips Softies For Bikes And Scooters BLACK

Most people use ODI Longneck BMX grips. All of ODI’s business is based on making the best grips for BMX, mountain bikes, off-road bikes and even snowmobiles and snowmobiles. When a company only makes one thing, like ODI, they start making high-quality products. No one else has done the research and testing like ODI has, and you can see that by looking at how many grips they make.

People who have them say they are sleek, durable, and comfortable. I own a pair myself. Because other companies try to make the grips look fancy and annoying, they don’t. I love that they don’t. Rib pattern: The beautiful grip they have on them is called rib pattern, and it looks great.

The Longnecks come in a few different styles of their own. Here, I will put all of the different ones together because, apart from a few small differences, they are the same. There are two types of grips: flanged and flangeless. If you don’t know, that’s just the part of the grip that looks like a barrier on the inside. Then there is the longneck XL, which are the same as the other ones, but they’re very long. Those who like to have their hands close together on the bars use them. Rider: People who buy extra long bike grips usually cut them down to the right size for them. Because they don’t have flanges and have a simple design, it’s easy to do this in a good way.

  • they are very smooth
  • it’s comfortable to hold
  • it is durable
  • the colors look great
  • you can cut them down
  • High Price

3. GPMTER BMX Bike Handlebar Grips

GPMTER Bike Handlebar Grips, Single Lock on Bicycle Handle Bar, for BMX, Mountain, MTB, Beach Cruiser, Scooter, Folding Bike, Soft Non-Slip-Rubber Hand Grip Comfortable Ergonomic

GPMTER is a rider I’ve kept an eye on for a while now. If you haven’t heard of him, he’s a great rider who doesn’t mind going big in the park. he has a beautiful style and I think he’s riding well. He made this set of grips for Fly bikes, and some other riders have done the same thing.

People who have used GPMTER products say they are good. I ride the GPMTER Neutron, which has Devon grips, and I have never had a problem with comfort or wear with them. It might be good for you if you like to ride a little faster and give your grips a hard time. Ruben’s might be a good choice for you. These grips are a little thicker in diameter, have a medium softness, and are a traditional mushroom style with a new anti-slip groove design. They make a great grip for rougher rides. So there’s no need to worry about getting used to a new look.

  • They fit all sorts of hands, from big to small
  • the rib pattern gives a good grip
  • they are thick & ribbed
  • they look nice in their set
  • Only 1 colour to choose

4. Kasteco BMX Handle Bar Grips

Kasteco 2 Pairs Bicycle Handle Bar Grips Mushroom Grips for BMX/Road Mountain Bikes

Most of these grips are made by Eclat Sean Burns. By the name, it’s clear that these grips are made by Sean Burns. Eclat says this is one of the best grips they’ve ever made, but they also say it was a little weird working on it with Sean.

Soft and hard to break down, the design that looks like a studded belt is both. This type of grip is also a good way to move on to flanged grips. They are a lot smaller and thicker than normal flanges, but they are still small and thick. When you cut off the flanges, the markings on them make it easy for you to do so, too. Eclat has used Kraton rubber that is soft and has a hardness of 25°, which makes it easy to ride all day long.

With every purchase, we also throw in two nylon cork V2 bar ends so you don’t have to go and try to find a pair that matches the colour.

  • soft and strong, but also stiff and hard to break down
  • a little bigger than regular flange grip
  • not as much movement as a flange grip
  • they are very easy to cut
  • Not heat resistant
  • Flameable elements

5. LYCAON BMX Bike Handlebar Grips

LYCAON Bike Handlebar Grips, Non-Slip-Rubber Bicycle Handle Grip with Aluminum Lock, Bike Grip for Scooter Cruiser Tricycle Wheel Chair Mountain Road Urban Foldable Bike MTB BMX

You won’t find many grips like the LYCAON BMX Bike Handlebar grip. They are very unique. It has a unique design and colour that will make people want to look at it more.

Besides, you can see from the picture. There is a pattern on the grip that looks like raptor skin. To me, it looks like a good design on a grip that won’t wear out too quickly. It is good for people who aren’t sure if they want the flanges or not. The LYCAON BMX Bike Handlebar Grips are great. If you hold on to it, you’ll feel a small flange on your hand, but it won’t bother you if you do.

We The People say that this grip is one of their riders’ favourite things to use. Now, it’s made with their Vex rubber compound, which makes it very durable and lasts a long time. It’s below if you want some of your own.

  • durable and comfortable
  • unique design
  • last a long time
  • you can get them online
  • it will fit in your hand very well
  • Bit Costly

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose BMX Bike Grips

Slide-On vs. Lock-On Grips

Lock-on grips are made up of a rigid core covered by a rubber compound outer. It’s a metal ring-shaped clamp that goes on one or both ends of the handlebars with an Allen bolt. This keeps them in place and stops them from sliding around.

This also allows the diameter of the inside of the grips to be a little bigger than the diameter of the handlebar. This makes it easier for the grips to slide over the handlebar. Unlike slide-on grips, which have a smaller interior diameter than the handlebars, these grips don’t slide on. Instead, they are held in place by friction. There is a simple slide-on grip that has a rubber compound tube that slides over the handlebar.

Lock-on grips are easier to put on and are usually more stable. However, they’re also heavier and more expensive than slide-on grips, because they have a rigid tube core and metal collars to hold them in place. These grips also don’t work with carbon fibre handlebars because they have a core.

Slide-on grips work with any kind of handlebar. Because they don’t have an internal core and collars, they tend to be lighter than lock-on, which have them. However, they are more difficult to put in, and sometimes need to be lubricated. Because they’re also more difficult to adjust and can move around if they aren’t fixed properly

If you want to be safe and easy to apply, lock-on grips are the way to go. But if you want to lose weight and save money first, slide-on grips are the best choice.

Shape & Length

Choose the right shape and length for the rider’s body. Most grips are between 130mm and 140mm long. If you have small hands or use a grip shifter, there are 90mm and 150mm grips available. If you have bigger hands, there are longer grips that measure 150mm.

Plain gauge grips are the most common and basic shape. They have the same thickness all the way down the grip, which makes them easy to hold. The flange (a rubber disk near the inside of the handle) helps keep the hand from sliding off. Riders who go downhill a lot or who want a better grip usually choose this option.

When you’re riding cross-country, ergonomic grips have a flat area on one side of the grip that can help support your hand or wrist. This can come in handy when you’re riding for a long time.

It’s an extension of this: The integrated bar end is a short bar that goes forward from the end of the grips. This allows riders to have two hands at the same time.

Bar Plugs

In the event of a crash, bar plugs and bar end caps help protect the handlebars and grips. They are usually made of plastic or polymer and fit inside the handlebars to keep debris out, protect them, and make carbon fibre handlebars more stable.


Most of the grips on the market are made of rubber. These compounds can be made with many different types and amounts of rubber, but they are all made to provide a mix of grip and cushioning, as well as a lot of padding.

These grips are popular for cross-country riding and touring because they are the most comfortable, but not so popular for technical riding because they don’t have enough grip and aren’t very durable.


The texture and pattern of each design are unique to that one, as well. A lot of grips use more than one template below the hand, on the outside of the bar, beneath the fingers, or where mud and rain could fall or spread.

Among other things, the Deity Knuckleduster is made of a mix of chevron and rib and waffle patterns. Some people find the chevron to be comfortable. Because the ribs are separated by small gaps, there is no side-to-side play And waffle pockets are meant to keep the food from getting too hot.

The Lizard Skins Lock-On Oury, on the other hand, has big blocks of thick cushion all around. In the PNW Components Loam Grips, there are two rainbow-shaped columns on each side of the handlebars that are meant to draw water away from and off of the handlebars if it starts to rain. There are other designs that are completely smooth. There are no lines or divots in any of them at all.

Patterns are a very tactile choice, and the best one for each person is determined by their own preferences, hand shape, and size.


The amount of cushion in a grip design is just as important as the pattern, but it also comes down to what you like.

Close-fitting, slim, and less-cushioned designs make the palms feel more like they’re working out. A more sensitive, aggressive touchpoint and responsiveness might be better for some riders.

There are grips that are thick and well-padded on the other end of the scale. Pillowy blocks and ribs can help keep riders from getting tired on long, hard rides or for people who are less experienced. People who have problems with their hands or wrists can also use cushions to help them.


People can buy simple grips for about $17 and more expensive ones for about $35. They are made of different materials and have different designs.

The more expensive the design, the more likely it is to have a lock-on grip instead of a slide-on grip. The grip could also be more cushioned, and the grip could be shaped in a way that makes sense. The design could also have a more complicated pattern or a lot of different patterns mixed together for different purposes and feelings.

FAQ – Best Bike Grips for Sweaty Hands

Why do bike grips get sticky?

Rubber grips, in particular, are good at taking oils off of our skin. Dust and dirt from the road mix with the sweat to make the grips sticky or slick. Another thing to think about is the rubber used to make the rubber grips. Grips made of certain materials break down on their own after a certain amount of time has passed.

Are bicycle grips universal?

Do mountain bike grips work well together? If you have an old mountain bike, you might need to check the diameter of the handlebars. If you have a new model, this isn’t as important. Because of the length of the grip, you might run into a problem at some point

Are all bike grips the same size?

No. If you want a grip that fits your mountain bike handlebar perfectly, there are a lot of different lengths and outer diameters to choose from. This way, you can get a grip that fits you perfectly.

How do I make my rubber grip not sticky?

Wet a cloth with warm water and add a drop of dish soap. Then, work the dish soap into the cloth. Work the cloth over the rubber to get rid of the sticky part. Clean with water and check. Add baking soda and water to make a paste.

How do you lubricate handlebar grips?

Like when you remove something, alcohol can be used as a lubricant. When you’re done, spray all over the grip and on the bar and then slide the grip on the bar. Keep in mind that you should wait until the alcohol has completely evaporated before you start riding the bike. This could take a few hours.


Best BMX Bike Grips for Sweaty Hands – If your hands are sweaty while riding your bike, then you need to make sure that you are using the best type of grips for your BMX bike. Choosing the wrong type of grips can cause your palms to sweat more, which can be a huge issue when you’re trying to ride your bike. You can purchase the right grips online or at any local bike shop. Remember, if your palms are sweaty, then it’s best to use the grips on your bike that will make it easier for your hands to grip the handlebars.

Have you tried any other types of grips that we didn’t mention? Let us know below!

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