Top 5 Best BMX Brake Pads Buying Guide In 2022

Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.”

A proper braking system ensures safety while riding a bike. Brakes are a crucial part of every ride, and the Brake pads come just after the braking components. Usually, Braking pads are used to maintain the proper braking efficiency. Huge BMX brake pads are roaming in the market, and in this crowd, finding the best one seems impossible. All the BMX brake pads aren’t the same; only a few can provide the needed stability and security. When safety is ensured, biking is more enjoyable. We have done hours of research and reviewed some of the high-quality BMX Brake Pads here, which will help you find the best match with some consideration factors.

Best BMX Brake Pads Comparision Chart

NamePhotoTypeCheck Price
Alritz Bike BMX Brake PadBike Brake Pads Set, Alritz 3 Pairs Road Mountain Bicycle V-Brake Blocks Shoes with Hex Nut and Shims, No Noise No Skid, 70mm, for Front and Back Wheel Best OverallView On Amazon
Kool-Stop BMX Brake PadsKool-Stop Dual Compound Mountain Pads for Linear Pull Brakes Threaded,Black/Salmon Best BudgetView On Amazon
Chooee BMX Bike V-Brake PadsChooee Bike V-Brake Pads, Bicycle Brake Pad Set, 2 Pairs Universal Brake Shoes Best V TypeView On Amazon
Hotop BMX Brake PadHotop 4 Pairs V Bike Brake Pads with Hex Nuts and Spacers V Bicycle Brake Blocks Set 70 mm Best For
Rough Use
View On Amazon
Shimano BMX Brake Pads2 Pairs Shimano Brake Pads R55C4 Dura Ace/Ultegra/105 with Fixing Bolts, Factory Number: Y-8L298062 Best ValueView On Amazon

5 Best BMX Brake Pads Review

Here are our top recommendations, below. We are going to review them.

1. Alritz Bike Brake Pads Set

Bike Brake Pads Set, Alritz 3 Pairs Road Mountain Bicycle V-Brake Blocks Shoes with Hex Nut and Shims, No Noise No Skid, 70mm, for Front and Back Wheel

Alritz is one of the best BMX brake pads for your stunning v-brake road bike. It achieves first place in our recommendation list with its great specs. Alritz is a brand that is committed to providing innovative, creative, high-quality services. They always ensure your safety and excellent bike brake performance. This time, they have brought this Alritz BMX Brake Pads Set to give you every reason to love their BMX brake pads and make them your first choice. 

Alritz brake pads are made with Aluminum alloy; that’s why their durability is so good. Due to the hard-wearing rubber used in the upper part, it can withstand any weather. The brake pad will have five pieces of spacers and one piece of the hex, and the hex wrench is handy for the installation and removal process. You will get various colour options to choose your favourite one. 

The wheel rims are safe from stone or sand damage, as this glove has unique sand guide grooves that can indeed prevent any damage. The wheel is designed to be slightly curved, so it doesn’t hurt the bike wheel and makes less noise. It also has better-stopping power. This is the best match with a disc brake.

It comes in three pairs of 70 mm in only one purchase. Each piece is designed sturdy enough to fit most of the v-brake mountain bikes. The team has left and right recognization, read the brake pads text mark and identify accurately. 


This brake pad set is Smooth, has insane stopping power, and is quiet as church mice.


  • Easy to install, not more than 15 minutes
  • Stable three pairs in one package
  • Impressively quiet, makes no noise if your ride your bike down the steepest hill
  • Exaggeration of the stopping power


  • Wear out very quickly
  • Little pricey

2. Kool-Stop Dual Compound Mountain Pads

Kool-Stop Dual Compound Mountain Pads for Linear Pull Brakes Threaded,Black/Salmon

Kool-Stop Dual Compound Mountain Rim Bike Brake Pads have made second place on our list. Many of the users said these bike brakes help to stop the bike so well that the bike blows away whenever they hit the middle pedal. The motorcycle stopped quickly from 160mph in like 30 feet or plus something.

Kool-Stop is a renowned brand; its growth journey is satisfying over the years. They manufacture and distribute their products correctly. It’s their goal to fill the need of each customer through their related products. They always bring upgraded design, durable and satisfying products that demand the users leave great feedback and recommendation.

This Kool-Stop Dual Compound Mountain Pad is the top choice for modern mountain bikers who want direct-pull brakes. It’s also the right choice for road bikes. Kool-Stop has upgraded these mountain pads from the old Thinline and designed them with double curves. This double-curved design provides more safety to the contact area. This curved design allows the mountain pad to curve the rim for better performance. Additionally, it helps in reducing the “Shimano Squeal.”

It has a patented angled tip plough and water grooves with a washer system that helps make each biker’s experience exceptional. All the materials used to make these mountain pads are premium materials, ready for regular use. 


Easy to install and long-lasting, and perfect to bridge the gap between V-brakes and hydraulic discs.


  • The trailing edge is much longer
  • Best for stopping on roads or downhills
  • Super Flexible ( adjust as needed)
  • Great durability
  • Easy to install


  • Challenging to assembly
  • Sometimes sound like a foghorn

3. Chooee Bike V-Brake Pads

Chooee Bike V-Brake Pads, Bicycle Brake Pad Set, 2 Pairs Universal Brake Shoes

Choose ranked on the 3rd position of our list. It’s a brand that delivers high-quality V-Shape brakes. These Choose Bike V Brake Pads are made with native rubber for durability and no noise. It is a rim brake pad.

These bike pads are specially designed with sand guide slots to protect the brakes from mud, sand, and stone damages. Not only this, these bike pads have great wheel rims that increase the BMX brake pads stopping power more fastly. This brake is more useful for rim brake.   

Each pair of pads will have a left-right mark for easy recognition. Give a close look; the one is marked FRONT L is the left brake pad, and the one kept R FRONT is the right brake pad. With this package, you will get two pairs of BMX brake pads (2 front and rear brake pad sets of 55mm ), and each of the places will have one thick and one thin concave washer, two convex washers, one flat washer, and one socket hex nut. And the BMX brake pads will also have one hex wrench for better installation.

This brand also gives universal replacement for any V brake pads bike like mountain bikes, MTB, Road Bicycle, BMX, etc.


Easy to install, fit perfectly, and has excellent durability.


  • Great stopping power
  • Sits centred on the rim perfectly
  • Flat and Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Usable with freestyle bike


  • Some complained the rubber wear out very soon

4. Hotop 4 Pairs V Bike Brake Pads

Hotop 4 Pairs V Bike Brake Pads with Hex Nuts and Spacers V Bicycle Brake Blocks Set 70 mm

This brake pad from Hotop is designed slightly curved so it doesn’t hurt the bike wheel and can provide excellent brake ability. It will effectively protect the wheel from sand damage. Due to the V brake pads water leaking tank, the BMX brake pads can stop the bike right away in any weather. 

These bike pads will amaze you with their durability and quality (non-slippery and made with metal & hard-wearing rubber ). 

This product of Hop top is heat & abrasive resistant. So you don’t have to worry about safety. It hardly makes noise and hurts the wheel rim

This package includes four pairs of bike pads(2.76 inches/70mm) with one-piece hex nuts and five excellent spacers. 

The pads come with left-right marks; you have to check them. Carefully read the text over the BMX brake pads and find the right one.


Durable, non-slippery, and free from sand damage.


  • The brake effect is too good
  • Non-slip and durable
  • Heat & Abrasive resistance, 
  • Quietly disposable without harming the wheel rim
  • Noise-free, it includes spacers and hex nuts&nbsp


  • The brake pad is a little bit tight,
  • Rubber is slippery

5. Pairs Shimano Brake Pads

2 Pairs Shimano Brake Pads R55C4 Dura Ace/Ultegra/105 with Fixing Bolts, Factory Number: Y-8L298062

These updated Shimano 2 pair BMX brake pads are a perfect fit for your old or current Dura-Ace/Ultegra or 105 brakes (mountain bike or standard). When your rims are made with aluminium, you can blindly take these Shimano 2 pair BMX brake pads for your standard bike. These wear resistance coating pads are also usable for Carbon and Ceramic rims.

These braking pads’ performance is excellent; it offers world-class performance in both dry and wet conditions. So you can understand the durability of these Shimano bike brake pads

These pads will protect your bike brake and will help to keep the brake right. If you are on the way to racing, take these pairs, these are perfect to win the race. Due to these BMX brake pads, you won’t have to face any noise problems. These work quietly, even at high speed and in the long run. 

These pads will give you full coverage to frequent and racers. 

With these Shimano BMX brake pads, your bike brake will be able to provide reliable and optimum operation.


Easy to install, doesn’t make awkward sounds (some pads squeal), and is Long-lasting.


  • Reliable and Easy to slip in the brake shoes
  • Smooth, Modular, and Grippy stopping power as needed
  • Easy to install
  • Fit perfectly on aluminium wheels


  • These rim BMX brake pads are for aluminium wheels, not carbon wheels
  • Bit expensive

How to choose the best BMX bike brake pad? (Buying Guide)

Finding the best BMX brake pads for your BMX bike isn’t so easy these days. The local market is full of various bike brake pads. So if you are a newbie, it will be difficult for you to find the best match for your BMX bike. But you don’t have to worry, no matter if you are a new biker or old, if you have enough knowledge about biking brake pads, it will be straightforward to select the best BMX brake pads among lots of brands. How? Be with us and read further; we will share some essential factors you should consider before buying BMX brake pads. These factors will ensure your choice is worth the money or not. 


The very first thing you have to consider is how the BMX brake pads perform? Will it work in all weather or not?

You need to find out a pair of bike brakes that can perform well throughout the whole year. The BMX brake pads should be accommodated with the climate’s constant changes, be it dry, or wet it should serve its peak and it should use fewer brake levers. Because the low brake lever feels comfier. Before you make the buying decision, read the manual description and identify those BMX brake pads used for all weather. Never choose a pair of brake pads that are made for a specific time of the year. 


The second factor you should consider is how adjustable the bike brakes pads are. Different levels of changes are available, so you must check the model before assuming it doesn’t give a complicated adjustment. If you need someone or a professional to install the bike brake pads, you should avoid those pairs of brake pads. The best BMX brake pads will be easy to install without any help from any third person. Installing a BMX Brake pad is DIY work, so keep in mind this factor before selecting one. 

Pad Backbone

Give a check to the brake pads framework; if it’s made with durable material, consider that BMX brake pads. But if those aren’t made with any lasting materials, never give a second thought. Because they won’t be able to stand in long-distance bike rides.

Material of Pad

The more sturdy materials, the more robust brake pads. If anti-rust materials have been used to make the BMX brake pads, they can stand with any pressure and protect the brake from natural causes. As rubber is corrosion and rust-resistant, it is mostly used to make bike brake pads. Rubber is very sturdy and lasts longer than other used materials to make the BMX brake pads. But if you want a disc bike brake pad, it would be best to use ceramic or metal brake pads.

Type of bike brake you should choose

Usually, there are three bike breakers( Rim breakers, Disc breakers, and combination breakers). Here the brake pad type will depend on what type of brakes your bike has. If it’s a rim bike, it’s for the mountain bike, and if it’s a disc bike, it will be standard for most bike brakes. Among them, disc bikes are the most popular ones

FAQ – Choosing the Right Set of Bmx Brake Pads

What are the best BMX brake pads?

Many BMX brake pads are best, but we will share the top five brake pads among them. The best ones are-
1. Kool-Stop BMX Threaded Brake Pads
2. Odyssey Slim by Four Pads
3. Fly Brake Pads
4. Eclat Force Female Brake Pads
5. Odyssey Ghost Pads

How can I make my BMX brakes better?

The best way to make your BMX brakes better is to clean pads and dirt rims that interfere with braking performance. Usually, the commission depends on what type of brake pad you use. One more thing you can do is kinks in your lines and housing. 

What is the best brake cable material?

Normally manufacturers use iron as the main brake cable material and it is the ideal brake cable material.

Is it Illegal to Have no Brakes on a BMX?

Yes, dear, without having a brake riding a BMX bike is illegal. To ride a bike with legal permission, you should have at least one brake to control your bike. Without a brake, the cycle will be out of control, and the chances of an accident are huge. That’s why the law has announced that riding a bike without a brake is illegal.

Which brakes pads are best?

CERAMIC. Ceramic brake pads are very good at stopping and letting heat go away. They are good for most normal driving situations because they make very little dust or noise and last a long time. There are a lot of foreign and domestic cars that come with ceramic brake pads from the factory.

How long do BMX brake pads last?

The life of your bike’s brake pads depends on how often you use it, how the environment is, and how well you take care of it. Most people think brake pads last 500 to 1000 miles. Even so, you should check the condition of your brake pads often.

Can you put disc brakes on a BMX?

If you’re willing to spend a lot of time, money, and effort, you can equip a BMX bike with disc brakes. Because most BMX bikes aren’t built with disc brakes in mind, the process isn’t easy.

Picking The Best BMX Brake Pads For You

We have searched for hours and listed some of the BMX brake pads; these are the best among the available brake pads on the market. All our recommended products are worth quality. Still, if you ask us what will be our best pick among our recommendation list, we will take the Kool-Stop Dual Compound Mountain Pads name. 

This pad features plated and hardened improved steel backbone that helps the pad in lasting longer. Kool-Stop bike brakes mountain pads are rim friendly, and their durability & stability are outstanding. Kool-Stop BMX brake pads have super stopping power and are ready for regular use. It can easily overpass the gap between V brake hydraulic discs.

And most importantly, it won’t make any loud or even a little sound while running, and you can go a long way with your bike without worrying about the perfect stopping.

We have tried to share all the depth information with you. Still, if you think we have left some crucial details, you can remind or share them with us. We will consider your recommendation and will share them with our readers if it is worth it.

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