5 Best Bmx Brake Kit Review In 2022 [Buying-Guide]

Top 3 Picks For The Best BMX Brake Kit-




  • Very affordable

  • Easy to install

  • Durable Design

  • An all-in-1 tool kit.

  • Great stopping power.

  • Installation is simple.

  • Quality Build

  • Easy to install

  • Looks fantastic

Best Bmx Brake Kit– For BMX bikes, having the right brakes is very important. Besides, they’re the ones who keep you from having an accident, and they slCallipercontactow you down when you need to.

Is your BMX bike equipped with the right brakes?

The best BMX brakes I’ve found on the market will be shown to you in this article. I’ll show you how to choose the one that fits your bike.

Top 5 Best Bmx Brake Kit In Depth Review

1. Odyssey Springfield U-Brake Kit

Odyssey Springfield U-Brake Black - Best Bmx Brake Kit

Key Features

  • Brake Type: U-brake
  • Weight: 190g
  • Brake Lever Actuation: Short pull
  • Only for rear use
  • Includes a one-spring design, pads, and a hinged medium Springfield lever

This universal Odyssey Springfield U-brake kit can work well in the BMX bike range. It can fit any tire size. U-brake bosses should be on the frame of your bike, so make sure that it is there

Easy to put in: The calliper is very easy to put in, and it can work with the gyro, but you’ll need to put in a gyro cable in the system.

This Odyssey Springfield U-brake kit also comes with installation instructions, so it should be a breeze to put it together. Perhaps the only thing you’ll have to change is how tight the cable is.

Furthermore, the kit is easy to use because it already comes with the screws to put in.

  • A multi-tool kit
  • Simple installation
  • Excellent braking
  • A firmer brake than a standard one.
  • Not too squeaky
  • It may need some adjusting to work effectively.
  • It has no way to center it.
  • Your needs may not be met by stock pads.

2. Origin8 Sport-Comp V-Brake Set

Origin8 Sport Comp V-Brake Set

Key Features

  • Universal brake kit
  • Material: forged alloy
  • With front dual-spring tension adjustment
  • Includes levers, callipers, cables, and housing

If you like to use a V-brake, the Origin8 Sport-Comp V-Brake Set could be a good choice. All of the parts you need are already included in this kit. It also comes with the metal “noodle” and rubber “boot” that is required for the wire.

It’s also a universal kit for V-brakes, so you only need to have the correct mounting points on your BMX bike to use it.

  • Very heavy build quality
  • A metal “noodle” and a wire boot are supplied
  • Easy to install
  • Pads are not that good

3. Odyssey 1999 BMX Brake Set & Lever

1999 BMX Brake Set & Lever

Key Features

  • Lever: with adjustable reach
  • Includes brake, lever, and cable
  • Weight: 0.25 lbs

As you can see, this brake set was made in 1999. It’s simple and works with BMX bikes. There is also a lever and cable, but the product is only described as having a cable and lever. It comes with both.

BMX bikes that are 20″ to 24″ long can use this 1999 Brake Set. You must have the proper posts on your bike’s frame for this to work.

Note that you’re only getting one set of this brake and lever. It’s only for the rear.

  • Easy to set up and good value for money
  • Suitable for used BMX bikes
  • Other things come with it, like the brake line and a noodle
  • The paint on the brake lever may be chipped
  • The brake handle doesn’t move enough for it to open

4. Universal BMX Brake Kit With Lever

Complete Bike Brake Set, Black Front and Rear Bike MTB Hybrid Brake Inner and Outer Cables and Lever Kit Includes Callipers Levers Cables Black

Key Features

  • Material: steel alloy
  • Side pull brake system
  • Single pivot
  • Maximum reach: 85mm

When you buy the 1999 BMX Brake Set from Odyssey, you get the right-hand lever and the cable that goes with it. This cable is long enough to make the system work as a rear brake. For a front brake, it’s also good.

Remember that this brake kit is only for the front or the back, not both. It only comes with a right-handed brake lever, and there isn’t an option to buy a left-handed one when you buy it.

Some people can use the right-sided lever on the left handle by turning it upside down, but that doesn’t work for everyone. That might be awkward to hold, but it can still work and won’t hurt the brake system in general.

So, that’s right. The kit can work well as long as everything is put in the right way.

  • A good product
  • Easy to set up
  • Can be put in the front or back
  • A metal collar come with it
  • It’s a good deal

5. Shimano Rear V-Brake Set

Shimano BR-T4000 Rear V-Brake, Black

Key Features

  • Caliper Material: aluminium alloy
  • Universal Lever and Brake Caliper
  • It fits into BMX and freestyle bikes
  • Includes brake cable and lever

This Bike BMX Brake Set by Wake features a one-brake set that can either be used on the front or the rear of the bike. Its brake cable is long enough to reach the end of a 20-Only has one brake lever on the right side.

Because the tube and cable might be too long, you’ll have to cut them down to the correct length.

No installation manual came with it.

You’ll need to make your own ferrule for the end that was cut because the end caps are glued to the cable’s case.

InchCalliper or even a 24-inch bike.

The system is relatively easy to install and can perform decently enough. This brake set should work fine, in the callipers, whether yours is a true BMX or a freestyle bike. It might be a little pricier than other models, but it can work just right as long as it’s properly installed.

  • Easy to set up
  • Good quality
  • In this case, the length of the cable is just right for the job.
  • It can provide an effective way to break.
  • It can cost a little more than other models.
  • The mounting bolt might be too short. If you tighten the bolt too much, the steel rod might break. This is what you should do:

Buying Guide On Best BMX Brake Kit

In this buying guide, we look at the best BMX brake kits available. We have selected our top picks from the many products available, including some of the latest additions to the market.

In fact, we have so many options that we decided to make a buyers guide to help you find what’s right for you. The guide covers things like component selection and sizing, as well as advice on fitting your new kit and maintaining it. It also includes an overview of the different models of bikes, so you can make the most of the kit you get.

How To Install A BMX Brake

Before installing the new pair of brakes, you need to remove the old one. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to remove your break, read our post on how to do it.

Video Guide On Installing BMX Brake kit

Tip 1- To fix your brake at home, read our post on how to fix a BMX brake.

Tip 2- Do not know where to cut your brake cable, read our post on how long your brake cable should be.

TIP 3- We have a guide on how to buy new BMX brake pads if your brake pads are broken, but the whole mechanism of your brake is fine.

Things to know before buying a BMX brake

When you use brakes, you can change your bike’s speed by pressing the brake levers with your hands or fingers. Most BMX bikes that you would use for dirt, park, and street rides only have a rear brake. There are only a few that have handbrakes on both the front and the back of the car.

The brake itself isn’t very complicated, but it is easy to use. It’s made up of four parts:

  • Pads. These would contact the rim, which would slow the bike down by making the bike stick to the ground.
  • Arms. A bicycle frame would have two of these, which could be linked to each other by pivots. The cable for the brake would be pulling the arms, which would make them move.
  • Springs. These would push the brake so that it returns to the original position.
  • Pivots. There are two parts to each brake arm: the pivot point and the component itself.

These would come in contact with the rim, using friction to slow the bike down.

Types Of BMX Brakes 

The disc brake and the rim brake are the two main types of brakes.

Disc Brake 

Most mountain bikes have disc brakes. These brakes don’t touch the rim of the wheel when they brake. Instead, they use a metal disc system.

The disc system has a calliper that moves the disc and holds the brake pads. The places touch the rotor as you push on the brake lever, slowing down the bike.

There are disc brakes, and the braking surface (the rotor) is a long way away from wet and muddy surfaces. This makes the braking system work better in rough terrain. This is why disc brakes are better for mountain bikes than drum brakes.


A wire cable moves the pistons in a mechanical disc brake in the callipers.


Hydraulic disc brakes use a hydraulic brake fluid that is kept in hoses that aren’t open. Compressing this fluid helps the pistons and pads work. This is how the brakes work.

Rim Brake

They touch the wheel rim to slow the bike down. You’d find these brakes on BMX, city, and road bikes.

Mechanically, they have a more simple system than we do. Plus, they’re light.


You might see V-brakes on a mountain bike. They’re also standard on race bikes. It could get hit, and other things could happen to the brake unit because they are mounted to the brake bosses. In BMX bikes that do freestyle tricks, V-brakes aren’t very good.


A U-brake looks a lot like a V-brake in terms of its mounted, but it has a straddle cable that would connect to a brake arm. Even when you do stunts on your bike, they have a shape that protects them from getting hurt.


Brakes may have different parts made of other materials, but they all work together. There are a lot of aluminium arms, and they’re used to save weight.

They can come in brass, on the other hand, for smoother turns.

On the other hand, soft pads can give you a better grip, but they won’t last as long as hard pads.

Some bikes, by the way, use carbon steel for their brakes because it’s stronger and less likely to break than aluminium is. Carbon or high-tensile steel, or a brake made of Chromoly, is what I like best.

Use & Benefits

People who are very good at riding may not want to use brakes. They just want to keep spinning their handlebars around and around without dealing with the brake cable.

However, it’s still good to have an excellent braking system. Here are a few things to think about when you get a BMX brake.

  • Allows you to slow down before you get into trouble.
  • Prevents mishaps
  • It helps you make a smooth and safe stop.
  • It keeps you from crashing when you’re going downhill on a bike.

FAQ- Best BMX Brake Kit

Should you use brakes on BMX?

With two brakes, with one brake, or even without brakes, BMX bikes can be used in different ways by different riders. Professional BMX bikes are usually made with only one rear brake, but some have two. Most freestylers prefer to install a gyro/detangler or ride without brakes, so they don’t have to stop when they do barspins.

Are all BMX brakes the same?

U-brakes, V-brakes, and calliper style brakes are the three main types of BMX brakes. You can find U-brakes on any dirt, park, or street bike. They bolt to a hole in the frame instead of to brake bosses. This is the main difference between calliper and drum brakes.

Why do some BMX riders ride with no brakes?

FIXY is a type of trick bike that looks like an ordinary bicycle. The rear wheel sprocket hub on this bike is different, though: It’s called a FIXY. There is no coaster brake or one-way roller system when the gear sprocket is firmly attached to the wheel. As long as the rear wheel is moving, the pedals will move when the pedals are pressed.

Can you put disc brakes on a BMX?

If you’re willing to spend a lot of time, money, and effort, you can equip a BMX bike with disc brakes. The process isn’t easy because most BMX bikes aren’t built with disc brakes in mind.

Do professional cyclists use disc brakes?

Ineos Grenadiers recently became the last team in the World Tour to use disc brakes on their bikes. But over the last few years, disc brakes have become more and more popular in both the WorldTour peloton and the cycling industry as a whole, and they’re becoming more and more popular.

Why are my BMX brakes squeaking?

Squealing brakes can happen for different reasons. A squeal can be caused by oil or grease on the wheel rim, a misalignment between the brake pads and rotors, or new brake pads that need to be used.

What is toe-in on bike brakes?

What does “toe-in” stand for? Set up the brake pads so that the front ones are closer to the rim than the back ones. For cantilever brakes, this is very important. When you brake, the fork blades move, and the brake pads carry with them.

Should you toe in brake pads?

They need to be set up with a bit of “toe-in,” where the front edge of a brake pad touches the rim before the back. When you turn the wheel, the heel of the place gets pulled in closer to the rim by the rotation. This makes it easier to change speed. Even if you don’t want your brakes to squeal, toeing in can help reduce noise.

Final Verdict

Finding the best BMX brake kits are very difficult. BMX brake kits are a great way to improve your riding skills. While there are many types of brakes available on the market, it is important to know what kind of brake is best for your specific needs. Your brakes will play a key role in your riding experience, so make sure you choose the right type. Do you have any tips on choosing a good brake kit? Let us know in the comments section!

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